Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me....

Thankfully Lauren snapped a few pics at the party on Saturday night. Only a random few were taken and unfortunately they were all taken way too late into the night! Haven't we all learned by now to take the pictures at the beginning of the night when we are still wearing a little bit of makeup, before our teeth are discolored from wine and we remember how to keep our eyes open when someone pulls out a camera? We had a great time with friends, ate too much, drank too much and felt like crap the next day but isn't that how your'e suppossed to say good riddance to your 20's?
This is the armadillo cake that my aunt and mom made. They truly are geniuses when it comes to crafting anything (and that includes food). Some didn't get the jist of the joke-cake but if you've ever seen "Steel Magnolias" then you know it's the bleedin' armadillo grooms cake.
View salon scene HERE and the cutting of the cake HERE