Saturday, April 30, 2011


This week, we got a second walker for Baby B.  He loved his first walker so much, I thought having a second in the house would help out.  Chad thought it was a pointless purchase, but it really helps out to have another close by to keep him entertained while I get some dishes washed or get ready for work.  The little car walker was really cute and once he put it together, Chad changed his tune.  Here is my cool little dude hanging out this morning while I did some housework.   

Look over your shoulder before you merge into the kitchen, Beckett!
Lately, Beckett's hair has been coming in very blonde, but he's still hanging on to the reddish mullett patch in the back. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Tax season is over and we can get on with our normal lives.  Going back to work after maternity leave was extra hard considering I ended up coming back to the worst tax season I've had in the 9 years I've been with the firm.  Baby B is growing like a weed!!  He's rolling over, eating rice cereal, gooing and cooing all the time and sitting up by himself.  After his 4 month old appointment in March, we started feeding him rice cereal twice a day which has packed on the chub.  I've got plenty of new pics to post, so stay tuned for all the new eye candy to follow! 

*Thanks Jessica for the sweet bib!!!