Monday, August 29, 2011

Random Monday Picture Post

This is a Beckett only picture post, so if your'e not
a granparent, aunt or uncle, this may just bore you to tears.

Why is it that every weekend, we try to see how much stuff we can cram into two days? 
I feel like I never sit down! 
Even though we had minimal plans for the weekend, we
still managed to exhaust ourselves by late Sunday afternoon!
I'm still on 'ear watch' with Baby B.
He's still pulling on his ears, but he's done that from day one
when he's sleepy, so I'm crossing my fingers the
last little bit of infection will take a hike this week! 
Many a mommy has told me they've ended up
on a second antibiotic because the first one
just didn't do the trick. 

For the most part, he's a happy camper. 
Smiling, clapping and DANCING!! 
I've got the video camera ready but he's usually not cooperative...

I know, I don't even have to say it!
He looks JUST like Chad (I know!)

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm ready for FALL!
A break from this heat and some Carolina Football!

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Friday, People!

I have no pictures for you today, only a few words of wisdom from one of the loves of my life, 
Have a super weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pom Pom Tutorials

The pom poms I made for the baby shower last weekend were
super easy, so I've included a little tutorial below.
Great for birthday parties too!
Here are my poms from the shower

And here is a step by step from my good friend Martha to help you out....
Hint: Instead of cutting the ends in a rounded shape, I cut them into points

I used the same concept for the poms on the tree.
I dyed coffee filters using Kool-Aid to give them a
variation of colors and make them a bit more durable. 
Plus, I already had tons of coffee filters and Kool-Aid on hand
which made them = FREE
However, you could easily cut tissue paper into smaller stacks to make mini poms

In a large mixing bowl filled about 1/3 full with water, I added a full teaspoon of
cherry Kool-aid.
All I had on hand was Kool-aid with sugar added, so I
have no idea how much you'd want to use if you're using packets.
What I do know is the amount of Kool-aid didn't matter;
it depended more on how long the coffee filters soaked. 
For a deeper pink, I let them soak longer.
Most batches soaked 30 min - 1 hour
One batch I even added vinegar (which turned my hands pink) so
I don't suggest that. 
Or if you do, just wear some gloves or use tongs.
I soaked between 12-15 filters per batch.
(Note:  Use extra large coffee filters)

With each batch I dumped the Kool-Aid and hung them over the bowl to dry.
Notice the RED dish towel I used for drips. 
You don't want red countertops!

Start with stacks of approximately 8 filters.

Cut off rounded edges

Fold accordian-style

Tie in the center.
You can use wire, rubber bands, fishing line, or
just about anything that's going to secure it tightly.

Cut ends pointed (like I did) or rounded.

That's it!
It's a bit time consuming, but fun for a weekend project.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Caramel Apple Dip

This actually doesn't even qualify as a recipe. It's basically the easiest
thing in the world, and I make it for every function just because it always
 gets gobbled up.

Layer Fat Free caramel dip in a dish

Now here's where it becomes oh-so-not-fat-free
Mix 2 blocks softened cream cheese and 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar.

Layer mixture over caramel dip and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Serve with apple slices.


Party Ice

Freeze Lemons with water or punch to add to party pitchers or beverage dispensers.
So much better than just plain 'ole ice.
And of course it came from Martha!

Words of Wisdom for your Tuesday

Makes me want to break out into song!!!
And if you don't remember where that came from....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pretty in Pink

We all had a very big weekend. 
I hosted (along with some other friends and family)
a baby shower for one of my best friends at our house and have been planning
and preparing for it for months!

Also this weekend Mr. B ended up at the doctor on Sunday morning......
and also ended up with a double ear infection!  He's been congested and stuffy for
over a week but when his fever went up on Saturday afternoon, we thought it was best
to get him checked out before the work week and I'm so glad we did! 

Of course!!!!  I take him in with every sniffle and cough the first 9 months of his
life, but lo and behold, the one time we wait it out and think he's fine, 
a DOUBLE ear infection?!!  Really?  I was just thinking he was starting to feel better! 

Last night I was worn OUT!! 
As I sat down with my sick sweet boy right before bed, this is the conversation I
had with my husband. 

Me: Chad, will you pleeaaasse rub my feet? They are kiiilling me!!
Chad: O. kaaaaay (obviously not wanting to, but since I asked…)
Chad: I haven't rubbed your feet since you were pregnant. Are you pregnant?
Me: NO!
Chad: Wow
Me: What?!
Chad: Nothing: It's just odd rubbing your feet when they aren't huge and swollen!
Me: Thanks, I guess
Chad: I mean, I can feel the bones in your feet.
Me: Um, yeah…
Chad: ….and they aren't squishy!

 ......and that's when the fight began....
Just kidding!  My husband has worked very hard to help get our house
clean and beautiful for this special shower!  I couldn't have done it without him!

Here's some of the party decor:

Beckett was up at 6 am, which means mommy was up at 6 am.
Daddy got to sleep in a bit while mommy did some work in the kitchen and watched Mr. B
scooter-poot (that's a mcclaryism for playing in the walker)
and stare at the ceiling in the dining room. 
He's not used to all the pink stuff.  It mesmerizes him!

Paper banner in the breakfast nook.
I hung these banners around my glass candle holders on the mantle.

Here is my tree of crazyiness in the foyer.  Chad is tired of seeing it.
He thought it was cute, but I made the mini pom poms in May!  
He was ready to throw the limbs in the backyard last night after I pulled all
the ornaments and flowers off.
It's in the garage now awaiting the bats that I'm attaching
for Halloween.
I'll probably assemble that tomorrow.
And no, I'm not kidding....
life with a baby will cure you of procrastination if
it's something you really intend on getting done. 
It now takes me months to finish any kind of project!

The flowers on the tree were made from coffee filters I dyed with
Kool-Aid.  I'll post the instructions on how I did
those soon. 

Tissue Paper pom poms in the dining room
(Posting instructions soon)

The food!
I'll be posting the recipe soon for the caramel apple dip for those of you who asked.

My mom made the cupcakes (espresso, red velvet and pralines and cream) and
the strawberry shortcake trifle.

Drink Station

I was actually very sad Sunday night when it was all over. 
It was almost like the day after Christmas.
You do all the decorating, shopping, wrapping and preparing and
it's dunzo before you can even blink.
Now we just sit and wait on the arrival of that sweet baby girl!
I cannot wait!!
Next up.....
Beckett's first birthday party in November 
Guess I need to start planning that NOW!!
It's sure to be a tear-jerker.
I get misty-eyed just thinking about him turning the big O-N-E.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Did you Know?

You can save 5% at every visit to Target?  ....and NOT with a credit card?
Just sharing a little money-saving love this morning.

I've had a Target Credit Card for years, but found out from a friend that they also
offer a Target Debit Card.  You get the same 5% discount with every purchase that
you get with the credit card!
It's pretty easy to sign up.  For more information, click HERE 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inspirational Cough Drops?

Who knew?
Other words of wisdom from Halls include:
"Go Get It"
"Turn 'can do' into 'can did'"
"Put a little strut in it"
and my personal favorite...
"A pep talk in every drop"

I'm feeling better already...

Happy New School Year

 To all my friends who are parents and have children starting school this week,
all of my many friends who are teachers,
and to one very special principal Nonna in our family,
I wish you all a very happy first week!
Chad and I have seen firsthand how much it takes to get
ready for an upcoming school year and have so much respect for
everyone in education!

9 Months Old

It's been 3 months since our last trip to the pediatrician for a well visit. 
We spent a good bit of time at doctor's office the first
few months of Mr. B's life. 
Between his reflux, sinus troubles, eczema and of course my overly paranoid
worries as a new mom, I didn't think twice about taking him in. 
Dr. C was amazed how much he had grown and called him "Bruiser" 
Stinkerboy weighed 23 pounds, is 30 inches tall and his head 
circumference is....
....wait for it....
....99.9 percentile!!  99.9!!!!  
Holy cow!  I'm not even a bit in the dark as to where he inherited this. 
I can hardly fit Chad's hats on my head...
It sure is a handsome little head though!

In other news, I'm sick of being sick and I'm tired of snotsicles!
Poor baby has been fighting off another head cold and I have too.
I think we both are finally on the mend though. 

Those two bottom teeth are really starting to show and he's got a
new one that's finally emerged on top.
It's amazing how much happier he's been since he cut that tooth.

He's talking babbling here. 
I've tried to get it on video but he's wise to my plan.
I have to hide to get anything candid, otherwise he blankly stares at the video camera.
  I think he can't figure out it's function.
I'm not holding it up to my ear talking into it
and I'm not holding towards the tv making the channel change,
 so I'm sure he's wondering what on earth it's suppossed to do.
He LOVES to play under the barstools in the kitchen.
He can pull up on the rungs and stand by himself underneath.
He just smiles and smiles and gives you the look of:
"I know I'm not supposed to be doing this.....but look at ME"

The rest of his t-shirt says "Future Ski Dude"
I'll give you one guess who bought that for him.

He still has the most beautiful eyelashes! 

His hair is getting so blonde!

That smile.
There just aren't words for what it does to my heart.

Baby boy, those pretty blue eyes get you out of trouble right now...
....but I can't imagine the amount of trouble they'll possibly get you into later...