Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Go Cocks!!!

Here's my little good luck charm I watch all the games with.... 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lake Weekend

Taking a 7.5 month old anywhere is feat in itself.  We only went to the lake for ONE night but managed to pack plenty of stuff.  Most the toys were pointless. 
He has more fun just watching and observing than anything. 
Baby B doesn't show up until the last few pictures in this post. 
Nonna and Gigi were at Gigi's lake house for a girl's weekend, so they came and
kidnapped him for a few hours.
It was really nice to be able to have a bit of time alone but
I was really ready to get my smooches and hugs once they brought him back.

Elizabeth Shay is the funniest little girl!  She's about 6 months older than
Stinkerboy, so it's fun to see how he'll develop in the next few months. 

Everytime I visit their lake house, I want a joggling board.

I took this picture from the porch....I bet the word "no" was probably being used a few
times in this conversation...
I think Chad likes the joggling board as much as I do.. ..

SOOOO tired!

Such pretty, big blue eyes!

Here, have some chicken...

H.B. won't let a broken arm slow him down...

Holden waited to greet H.B. and Brent on their way in on the raft

Such a nut!

She wouldn't let me hold her, but somehow Chad managed to sweet talk her.

Cutie, Sarah Nell

Here's Holden, the comedian, again...

The bubble machine made a comeback this weekend.

Elizabeth Shay really has a thing for shoes!

Nice 80's mall hair, MC!
She must have slept really hard to get hair that crimped.

Here are ALL the kids together.  We got baby B back from his kidnappers...
It's amazing how much times have changed and these kids have grown over the past
few years. 
Take 2

Take 3...

And just in case you were having Beckett's some chunky cheek goodness!

Happy Monday!! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sleeping and Growing

It's been a tiring week.  Per Rachel Zoe, I'm ready to "Shut it down!"
Tuesday night we had some major bad Thunderstorms and I am a total whimp when it
comes to bad weather. 
We lost power (during the Carolina baseball game...naturally) and it wasn't
restored until around 3 a.m.
2 separate storms.  Lots of lighting and a ton of hail to go along with it! 
Sleepyhead slept through all of it without even a peep.  Even through me taking his shirt
on and off after we lost power for fear he would be too hot with no a/c.

Glow worm has made a comeback.  He loves it but I wish worm would constantly glow
without stopping between each short song.  I think the 80's version did.
I love all things retro. 
Here's a comparison of how much he's grown since December.....
Far past time to retire the rock and sleep....

Toys, toys, toys....

They sell Gamecock pacis at the 'social pig' on Devine Street
Chad was more concered that I didn't buy him a 'Big on the Pig' shirt.
Next trip, dear.