Friday, June 17, 2011


If your'e a regular at our little family website, I'm sure you've noticed a few changes.  The blog has
undergone a mega renovation and I'm hoping that it will make it much easier to maneuver.  It's
becoming a one stop shop (literally) for just about everything under the sun.   

Not only have the graphics changed to a more hip and happenin' graphic design, but I've
added some menus (as you can plainly see, since I've pointed you in the right direction
with the help of flaming red arrows...)
The menus may change a bit from time to time and some are still under contruction, but are a "go-to" for whatever you may be looking for on the site. 
For example, as many of you know, I do calligraphy for weddings as a side job and I thought this
would be a great place to display samples, prices and details.  The 'shop' icon will feature items
I'm ready to get rid of, but not willing to sell on ebay or at consignment shops (they only usually give you 40%).  Any offers are encouraged and the list price is not a firm one, so contact me if you are even
mildly interested in anything. 

I hope everyone has as good a time touring the new site as I've had setting it up!
Happy Friday!

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