Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sleeping and Growing

It's been a tiring week.  Per Rachel Zoe, I'm ready to "Shut it down!"
Tuesday night we had some major bad Thunderstorms and I am a total whimp when it
comes to bad weather. 
We lost power (during the Carolina baseball game...naturally) and it wasn't
restored until around 3 a.m.
2 separate storms.  Lots of lighting and a ton of hail to go along with it! 
Sleepyhead slept through all of it without even a peep.  Even through me taking his shirt
on and off after we lost power for fear he would be too hot with no a/c.

Glow worm has made a comeback.  He loves it but I wish worm would constantly glow
without stopping between each short song.  I think the 80's version did.
I love all things retro. 
Here's a comparison of how much he's grown since December.....
Far past time to retire the rock and sleep....

Toys, toys, toys....

They sell Gamecock pacis at the 'social pig' on Devine Street
Chad was more concered that I didn't buy him a 'Big on the Pig' shirt.
Next trip, dear.

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