Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Here's the weekly installment of our life through a camera lens.  
Otherwise known as Instagram: 
When I had my big jewelry cleanout last weekend, I came across this necklace
I bought at Burke's Outlet a few years ago, but have never worn.
It originally had 3 pendants, but it just seemed too much.
SO, I broke out the jewelry tool and took it off.
Much better! 
He thinks its funny to lay on the a/c vent and yell
"COVERS, mommy!!"
He gives the best snuggles and hugs! 
While eating his pancakes Saturday morning, I overhear Beckett talking to his dinosaur, Eric Carle-style:
"Dido-saur, dido-saur, what do you see?
I see a pancake looking at me.
Pancake, pancake, what do you see?  I see
dido-saur toes looking at me.
1.....2.....3 DIDO-saur toes!!!"

I really think he's the smartest kid on earth......just sayin.
I bought this men's Jules Jergensen watch in the clearance case at TJMaxx a few years ago when the
'big-ole-gold-michael-kors-watch-craze' began.
The box was broken, but other than that, I couldn't find anything
wrong with it.  The clearance price was $39, but when I peeled the
stickers back, the original price read $395!
I was excited to finally get the battery changed and wear it again!  
Have you seen this tutorial on Pinterest for achieving "no heat curls?"
I was lazy one night and didn't want to dry my hair so I gave it a try.
Wearing a hairband Rambo-style, you twist and
weave the hair around the hairband and sleep on it.
I learned a few things from doing this: 
1) I probably did it wrong...
2) My hair is too thick and frizzy for this to work.
3)  This does not give you beachy waves, it gives you a nice 1980s perm-look.
4) I'm sorry I don't have an after picture.....and you should be too, it was quite a sight. 
I grabbed some fake wayfarers from TJMaxx last weekend....
JUST so I could look like this cool little man! 
This little BIG guy has been living outside the sunroom window at
my mom and stepdad's house for the last few weeks.
I don't know why he's still there.  I guess my mother has
some sort of 'Charlotte's Web' relationship with him or something.
If he was living at my house, he'd be evicted! 
I've had this DVD for a while.  I tried it out once and decided this weekend to revisit.
I did the video Saturday and it STILL hurts to laugh!
She really kicks your abs! 
My mom had a jute rug like this and I surprised to find out
she got it from the Dollar General!!  Yes, you heard right.  The DG!!
She picked me up two in green last week for my kitchen!
Love em! Thanks mama!  
More jewelry re-fashioning.
This 'rock' was initially an earring.
I used my trusty jewelry tool to remove the
earring hook and made it into a necklace instead.
Those rocks were way too heavy to be earrings.
I valued my earlobes too much and I like it as a pendant WAY better! 
A while back, I dug through my mom's jewelry chest and confiscated
some of her old 1980's jewelry.
I don't know if this is Napier or Monet, but
I'm really enjoying her retro jewelry these days! 
I LOVE Publix True Bleu salad mix.
Bleu Cheese, candied pecans (not on my diet, but whatevs), and the dressing
it comes with is fantastical! 
I don't know why, but does he not look like SUCH a big boy in this picture?
Come join us on Instagram to keep up!

Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday Download

If I had to choose my 3 favorite songs, I think this one might 
actually make the cut.  
Bring It On Home To Me by Sam Cooke

Happy Monday! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

iphone Photography

I love that having an iphone means having a good camera with me at all times. 

This may age me a bit, but it's still hard for me to believe that just 8-10 years ago I was still having 
film developed. Film, people!! FILM!!!!
I remember the days when I had to make sure I stocked up on disposable cameras before a 
vacation or a girls weekend away. 
One of my first gifts from my husband was a 35mm Olympus, which was replaced a few years 
later by my first digital camera. 
almost miss that feeling of excitement when picking up prints! It's so crazy to think that when
I opened that envelope, that was the first time I'd laid eyes on those images!  
Now we can edit red eye, sharpen, crop and even email in a matter of minutes! Unbelievable.
Ok, I'm starting to sound like an old fart.....moving on.... 

I've done a little research lately on the best Camera apps and editing for the iphone. 
After all, with all this technology at my fingertips, why not learn how to get the best
images possible, right?

Here's a little recap of some of my favorite things about iphone photography: 

Capturing a Screen Shot 
and Grabbing a Picture from a Video 
While at the beach, I asked my mom to take a picture of Beckett and I.
Somehow, she had the camera set on "Video" instead.
Here's what I did:
At the top of the video screen, I chose the frame from the video I liked, then
took a screen shot.
To take a screen shot, hold down the power button and then the home button.
You now have an image of your screen. (Like the one above)
Now you can crop the image and edit it as you wish!

Here's an edited version: 


My brother taught me this one...
Do you have HDR turned on?
Unfortunatley, the shutter is slower when this is engaged, but if your'e taking 
a picture of something that's still (e.g. NOT a 20 month old) this will sharpen your images. 
In your camera options, just make sure HDR is on. 
Amazingly sharper! 

Ok, so now let's say that turning on the HDR slowed your shutter TOO much.  
You're trying to take pictures of a fast moving toddler and the 
iphone camera just won't cut it. 
Camera+ gives you the ability to shoot continuously, so you won't miss that smile! 
Just make sure in your settings, switch to "Burst" mode.
You'll be able to fire off shot after shot.

Camera+ also comes with fantastic ediing sofware!

Great filters too! 

Snapseed is just a great app for adjustment.  
Ultra easy for editing and changing the saturation and brightness. 

I kept wondering how some of those I was following on Instagram got 
all the great lighting effects in their photos.  Come to find out, some 
were using Picfx. 
The Light set is well worth the download, plus there are plenty of other filters
and editing preferences to choose from.

I've said over and over how much I enjoy photo sharing on Instagram.  
I also love the filters and borders that are included in 
the Instagram app! 
'Rise' and 'Earlybird' are my favorites.

Want to write on your photos with cool fonts? 
Phonto is a free app with the capability to upload additional fonts. 

I really like having the ability to collage similar images. 
I used Picstitch for a while but recently love PicFrame 
because there are plenty of frames and options to choose from. 

Here's a little Folly collage I whipped up: 

Ok friends, what's YOUR favorite camera or editing app? 

Puttin' It In It's Place

I guess I should start of by stating that I'm a jewelry FANATIC! 
 Besides the jewelry I wear everyday, most all of my
jewelry is trendy, costume jewelry and very inexpensive. 
I get this obsession from my mother! 
I finally had a chance to go through my jewelry box and pack up some of the pieces 
that were in style 10-15 years ago.
Afterall, everything comes back around, I'm sure all my oversized wooden 
bead necklaces will be back in style again one day. 
Here's a snap of what the top drawer looked like when I got finished.  It looks a little messy, 
but at least I peeled out
all of pieces that are way out of style. 
One drawer for oversized bangles and one for oversized bead necklaces.
I should also mention that I get a lot of my jewelry on sale, online, and from etsy. 

 I shop places like Forever21 and Burkes Outlet.
Burkes is a hit and miss spot, but for years I've found super inexpensive,
trendy jewelry there.
Every necklace you in the bead drawer in the picture above came from Burke's. 

And when I say cheap, I mean cheap, $4.99, $6.99....I don't believe I've ever paid more 
than $10 for anything in the jewelry department there.
I've had some bad luck lately with tangled necklaces.
I grabbed some command hooks and adhered them to a small wall in my closet to hold
some my necklaces.
I used the command hooks for my belts also! 
....while we're talking about jewlery, check out these cute flip-flips I
scored at the Mount Pleasant Marshall's.
They're super comfortable and
it's like wearing jewelry on my feet!
While I was on my organzing kick, I decided to run out and grab some boxes and pieces
to help organize the rest of my closet.  I made a quick trip to Carolina Pottery and found some great storage pieces in different designs.

I snagged these two boxes above for $7.99 each, a large box for storage under the bed,
and a hanging shoe organizer, all in this cute pattern.
I'm trying to free up some space in high drawers in my bedroom for other things, so I
stored winter scarves and gloves in one and I'll pack up bathing suits and cover-ups in the other.
They still are close by, but I now have more drawer space for everyday items. 
Last but not least, I came across these mint julep cups at Carolina Pottery.
I love seeing vignettes and vanities on Pinterest and blogs showing
beautiful ways to organize things we use everyday.
These were only $7.99/each.

Anyone else done some organizing and cleaning out?
Any neat ideas to share?

Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daddy's Boots

What a clever blog post, huh? 
My words are not good this morning since Beckett's entered the 
world of temper tantrums and has a summer cold and won't sleep. 
3 hours last night!  Man, I feel like I'm running on newborn-mommy sleep. 
After I press the publish button on this one, I'm going to make a pot of 
coffee and I'll probably drink the whole thing! 
Anyway, good morning and here's some pictures for ya....
Silly boy loves walking in grown up shoes.  Boots, heels, flip flops...it's just funnier watching 
him scoot around in his daddy's work boots

 Last weekend, I tried to hold him down long enough to get a rare photo of B and Mommy.
Afterthought:  {Should have grabbed some lip gloss for me and ran a brush
through Beckett's hair. Crap. Oh well.}
Some days he's good about having a picture taken, and other days.... 
This face always cracks me UP!
I think Chad must have told him to say cheese.

Happy Boy!  My whole world, right here in my arms! 

Happy Tuesday!  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday Download

Hold You In My Arms by Ray Lamontagne (Acoustic)
Skip to :43 for start of the song.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


A few weeks ago, Jayson Home had a "Pin It and Win It" contest on Pinterest
Of COURSE, I was going to repin some of the beautiful items that were prizes!!  
Who wouldn't, right?
While I was on vacation, I got an email saying that I had won the set of 
I.was.so.excited!  I've never won anything. EVER!! 
I felt like Darren McGavin in A Christmas Story when he won the leg lamp! 
I wanted to sing "I won, I won, I won" and dance around the house 
and proclaim it was a major award!!  
Here they are. 
They are small (well, they are appetizer plates, so obviously they are small)
but I'm in love with the beautiful design.
Very ME! 
What could these cute little plates be used for?
Hmmmmm, well, I've got 4 of them, so here goes.
As a hostess gift, a friend had given me a set of these guest soaps with our monogram.
I haven't had the right place to put them, but the plates are so small, they fit
perfectly on my pedestal sink as a soap dish in my half bath. 
I've used another on my dresser alongside my milk glass bowls as a jewelry tray. 
Another is in my bathroom as a hair pin collector.
I've still got one left.  Anyone have any ideas for my last plate?

Thanks Jayson Home

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cauliflower "Mashed Potatoes"

If you haven't heard, I've been on a big diet the last few months.  
Basically, it's a low calorie, very low carb diet and until 
I get to my goal weight, I'm restricted in what I can eat. 
I've been living on salads for the past few months, but finally got to the point where
I craved a little more variety. 
Last week, I thought I'd give cauliflower 'mashed potatoes' a try. 
I've heard buzz around the 'low carb' community for years stating that 
mashed cauliflower jazzed up with some low carb toppings, is a great alternative 
to mashed potatoes. 
I've had quite a few people tell me it helped curb their craving for some starchy carbs. 

I was actually surprised by how much I liked them......and then Chad tried them and HE liked them! 
Beckett didn't really care for them, but then again, it wasn't a popsicle or goldfish, so I'm not surprised. 

I obviously won't win any awards for my culinary photography..... 
Note:  You can tweak the ingredients any way you want for your diet.  I was just looking for the lowest carb ingredients, but you could easily add real butter, bacon, or sour cream to add more taste.  Maybe even some red pepper flakes?

1 large bag frozen cauliflower
Spray butter
1 c. grated cheddar cheese
Salt and Pepper

Add large bag cauliflower and 1 1/2 cups water to pot and boil for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.  
Turn on low and simmer for 20 minutes.  (Basically, I let the cauliflower cook down to where it was very soft.)  With a fork, I mashed up the cauliflower in the pot and added about 5-8 sprays of butter, the cheese, a little salt and a LOT of pepper. If you wanted a smoother texture, you could use a blender instead of a fork for a less chunky consistency.

I was actually surprised by how much this filled me up.  I felt like I had eaten carbs!

Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Here it is.  For those of you who have dinosaur phones and don't have access to instagram, here's the wrapup for last week.

Thanks to my coworker (who's husband is a Tar-jay employee) I found out
my favorite retail establishment now carries their own version of
Sparkling Ice. Less than a dollar and even cheaper if you get the 5% reduction for having a redcard.
Boo yow!  
I'm not a mani/pedi kind of person.
I'll make sure my toes are painted during the summer to draw attention away
from my crusty feet, but as far as spending money on having someone 'do' my toes.
I'd much rather spend my pampering money on getting a massage or facial.
My sister-in-law sent us a care package when Beckett had his tubes put in a few months ago
and she sent me this essie polish in "e-nuf is e-nuf".
It's a jazzy pinky neon color that goes great with a tan.
I finally painted my toes on Friday!! 

My husband has made a tradition of asking for cinnamon toast on Saturday and/or
Sunday mornings.
Someone else I know seems to love it too! 

So SO silly! 
Saturday night, we finally got a chance to go out with our friends Lauren and Glen.
We tried out the rooftop bar at the Sheraton on Main Street for the first time.
It was a bit small and very crowded, but I think it would be a great
 happy hour spot.
.....and then we went to Tin Roof.....  
.....and then ventured to World of Beer....
Having children makes it a bit harder to connect with friends and spend time together.
Makes you really appreciate the time you DO get to hang out.
Although, I think next time I'm enforcing a curfew for all of us.
We just can't hang like we used to in the old days!

Happy Tuesday!