Thursday, July 19, 2012


A few weeks ago, Jayson Home had a "Pin It and Win It" contest on Pinterest
Of COURSE, I was going to repin some of the beautiful items that were prizes!!  
Who wouldn't, right?
While I was on vacation, I got an email saying that I had won the set of!  I've never won anything. EVER!! 
I felt like Darren McGavin in A Christmas Story when he won the leg lamp! 
I wanted to sing "I won, I won, I won" and dance around the house 
and proclaim it was a major award!!  
Here they are. 
They are small (well, they are appetizer plates, so obviously they are small)
but I'm in love with the beautiful design.
Very ME! 
What could these cute little plates be used for?
Hmmmmm, well, I've got 4 of them, so here goes.
As a hostess gift, a friend had given me a set of these guest soaps with our monogram.
I haven't had the right place to put them, but the plates are so small, they fit
perfectly on my pedestal sink as a soap dish in my half bath. 
I've used another on my dresser alongside my milk glass bowls as a jewelry tray. 
Another is in my bathroom as a hair pin collector.
I've still got one left.  Anyone have any ideas for my last plate?

Thanks Jayson Home


  1. SO cute! You're one lucky lady! Love you! :)


  2. That's awesome Katie! I never win anything either, so I understand your excitement. Super. cute.

  3. I love these. I meant to tell you I won bracelets from a blog last month. Like you, while at the beach I received an email that I won! As soon as I get them, I'll show ya!!