Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekly Instagram Roundup

Here's the weekly installment of our life through a camera lens.  
Otherwise known as Instagram: 
When I had my big jewelry cleanout last weekend, I came across this necklace
I bought at Burke's Outlet a few years ago, but have never worn.
It originally had 3 pendants, but it just seemed too much.
SO, I broke out the jewelry tool and took it off.
Much better! 
He thinks its funny to lay on the a/c vent and yell
"COVERS, mommy!!"
He gives the best snuggles and hugs! 
While eating his pancakes Saturday morning, I overhear Beckett talking to his dinosaur, Eric Carle-style:
"Dido-saur, dido-saur, what do you see?
I see a pancake looking at me.
Pancake, pancake, what do you see?  I see
dido-saur toes looking at me.
1.....2.....3 DIDO-saur toes!!!"

I really think he's the smartest kid on earth......just sayin.
I bought this men's Jules Jergensen watch in the clearance case at TJMaxx a few years ago when the
'big-ole-gold-michael-kors-watch-craze' began.
The box was broken, but other than that, I couldn't find anything
wrong with it.  The clearance price was $39, but when I peeled the
stickers back, the original price read $395!
I was excited to finally get the battery changed and wear it again!  
Have you seen this tutorial on Pinterest for achieving "no heat curls?"
I was lazy one night and didn't want to dry my hair so I gave it a try.
Wearing a hairband Rambo-style, you twist and
weave the hair around the hairband and sleep on it.
I learned a few things from doing this: 
1) I probably did it wrong...
2) My hair is too thick and frizzy for this to work.
3)  This does not give you beachy waves, it gives you a nice 1980s perm-look.
4) I'm sorry I don't have an after picture.....and you should be too, it was quite a sight. 
I grabbed some fake wayfarers from TJMaxx last weekend....
JUST so I could look like this cool little man! 
This little BIG guy has been living outside the sunroom window at
my mom and stepdad's house for the last few weeks.
I don't know why he's still there.  I guess my mother has
some sort of 'Charlotte's Web' relationship with him or something.
If he was living at my house, he'd be evicted! 
I've had this DVD for a while.  I tried it out once and decided this weekend to revisit.
I did the video Saturday and it STILL hurts to laugh!
She really kicks your abs! 
My mom had a jute rug like this and I surprised to find out
she got it from the Dollar General!!  Yes, you heard right.  The DG!!
She picked me up two in green last week for my kitchen!
Love em! Thanks mama!  
More jewelry re-fashioning.
This 'rock' was initially an earring.
I used my trusty jewelry tool to remove the
earring hook and made it into a necklace instead.
Those rocks were way too heavy to be earrings.
I valued my earlobes too much and I like it as a pendant WAY better! 
A while back, I dug through my mom's jewelry chest and confiscated
some of her old 1980's jewelry.
I don't know if this is Napier or Monet, but
I'm really enjoying her retro jewelry these days! 
I LOVE Publix True Bleu salad mix.
Bleu Cheese, candied pecans (not on my diet, but whatevs), and the dressing
it comes with is fantastical! 
I don't know why, but does he not look like SUCH a big boy in this picture?
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Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Hey, about the no heat curls... I totally had the same problem when I wore them to bed. If you're up for trying it again, do it for just a couple hours when your hair is slightly damp. And don't wrap your hair too tightly around the headband. Looser makes more waves and less 80's crimp. :)

    1. Thanks for the tip, Katie, maybe I'll have to try it again soon....I had a feeling I could have tweaked it a bit. The ENDS just ended up SO curly! I may leave the ends hanging out next time and see how that works.