Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daddy's Boots

What a clever blog post, huh? 
My words are not good this morning since Beckett's entered the 
world of temper tantrums and has a summer cold and won't sleep. 
3 hours last night!  Man, I feel like I'm running on newborn-mommy sleep. 
After I press the publish button on this one, I'm going to make a pot of 
coffee and I'll probably drink the whole thing! 
Anyway, good morning and here's some pictures for ya....
Silly boy loves walking in grown up shoes.  Boots, heels, flip flops...it's just funnier watching 
him scoot around in his daddy's work boots

 Last weekend, I tried to hold him down long enough to get a rare photo of B and Mommy.
Afterthought:  {Should have grabbed some lip gloss for me and ran a brush
through Beckett's hair. Crap. Oh well.}
Some days he's good about having a picture taken, and other days.... 
This face always cracks me UP!
I think Chad must have told him to say cheese.

Happy Boy!  My whole world, right here in my arms! 

Happy Tuesday!  

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