Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sand In My Shoes

Vacation, vacation, vacation!
We've been looking forward to time away for some rest and relaxation for QUITE some time. 
The last few years my family has rented a house on Folly Beach for the week of the 4th.
To see last year at Folly, click HERE  
We pack (the whole house) and take a week (well, most of the week) to unwind on the beautiful SC coast. 
This year, not only did I lug my big 'ole beast of a camera with me, but I had the iphone 
with me to catch all the fun. 
Aren't iphones the best invention EVER?  I really don't know how I 
managed without one before now.  Editing, posting, instagram, video, music.... 
Catching the moment as it happens has never been easier.  
Here's an instagram remix below of the week. 

AND......we're off!  Finally! 
Finally packed up and on the ROAD.  I really wish I had a picture of what the pile of
stuff we packed looked like.  Every year I realize I've packed entirely too much, but in all reality, this
year we used 95% of what we took.  
Beckett does pretty good on car rides.  He always gets pretty antsy towards the end of the
trip and we hear "I get OUT!" repeatedly, but "puppa dog" made the trip with us and 

kept B company.  Beckett made SURE he stayed hydrated. 
Heading out the first day. 

Here's a view down the beach.  We are fortunate to be at the far end of the beach near the park
(which is closed to due massive erosion) so it's VERY quiet.  
SHADE!  Oh how wonderful it was that we bought a tent this year!
Angie over at Living Like Kings highly suggested we grab a tailgating tent
to keep my little white boy out of the sun and sunburn free.
Tons of thanks, Angie!  The tent was a lifesaver! 
Family photo.....
Take 2
My stepbrother brought his kite board---this kept us all entertained, especially Beckett! 

The great part about a mostly deserted beach?
Beach golf!

We made a quick trip to the South Carolina Aquarium on Friday.
Beckett's favorite exhibits at the zoo are the aquariums so we were
excited to see how he would react to all the fish. 
Beautiful colors!  
Thank goodness for Uncle Beau.
I call him my "Beckett assistant"
My poor brother always gets stuck with the massive camera bag
and stroller on our outings.

Moon jelly fish.  
I was in awe of the two story tank.
Rubbing eyes and ready to go.  It was HOT!
Little sandy toes.  One of my favorite sites.

Well, that's all.  For now at least!
  We're headed back next month for more sandcastles, kite flying and wave jumping! 
Big, BIG thanks to my mom and stepdad!  
We all had a WONDERFUL time! 

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I love this entire post. I always need an assitant with me, Rob gets sick of hearing me say "help me". So glad the tent was a lifesaver, I enjoyed myself because sometimes it is way to bright on the beach AND lastly, your hair looks great in the last picture. Glad y'all had a wonderful trip!! xoxo

    1. Thanks Angie. The tent WAS a lifesaver. I'm really glad you insisted we lug it along....well worth it!