Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Out and About - Kirklands

Sorry, you can't get this at Kirklands, but you CAN get it at Harper's
If you've never tried the tuxedo cake., you should
Brownie, cheesecake, chocolate mousse layers.
I work right down the road and this was my addiction when I was pregnant.
They make it really easy with the drive-up service, I didn't
even have to get my fat pregnant butt out of the car.
I felt like I was 9 months pregnant again when we left.
Anyway, on to the shopping:

I haven't stepped foot into a Kirkland's in years.
However, I keep seeing such cute stuff pinned on Pinterest I realized
the inventory must have changed up from the cranberry, dark green, tapestry, ornate look! 
Here's what I spotted:
Cool selection of mirrors.
This one was only $69 and a pretty large size. 
Sorry for the horrible picture.
This (if you can't tell) is a lamp that looks like a buoy.
Very cute for a beach house or little boys' room
(I say that a lot, don't I?  That it would be cute for a little boy's room) 
Feather pillow $19 
Really loved this one. 
Easter bunny!
A bit more modern, but awesome in the right spot.
I saw this piece in the window when I was leaving
Great for an entryway.
I love the detail on the doors. 
This floor lamp was only around $50 
I loved this one!  Fantastic for extra lighting behind a sectional sofa
or for a reading nook.
Black apocathery chest
$269 I think...
I loved this little slipper chair.
Great for a little extra seating in the corner of a bedroom. 
Nice neutral urn lamp.
In this picture is also an example of what to weed out in the store.
Notice the faux flowers and out-of-date artwork.
Garden stools are everywhere.
I'm sure this is a trend that's on the way out when they start showing up in every single store
but I still love 'em.
They also had these in white.
(And among faux flowers ....try to visualize in a different setting)
Slipper chair
Great graphic print ottoman
Love the colors and print! 
Another jewel I spotted in the window were these mirrored pieces.
I love the chest as a pair of nightstands. 

Well, there you have it.
Not too shabby!
Mom bought a huge square faux leather ottoman for $120 that we are going to reupholster.
Maybe I can get some pics of that for an update. 

Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Jewelry Jackpot

Get your keys, grab your wallet and get ready to head to Target, my friends!

I ran in Tar-jay Friday on my lunch break with the intentions of running 
straight to the baby supplies section, grabbing a pack of diapers and running back out.
The Piggly Wiggly right by my office sells them (I know-but the pig doesn't 
have all sorts of awesomeness under one roof like the Targ.)  

A force was pushing me into the accessories.....and lo and behold.....
Dana Kellin for Target jewelry on clearance!  
AHHHH-mazing jewerly marked down to almost free.  
Here's what I came home with (minus a necklace my mom liked that I gave to her) 
 Here are some detailed pics so you can see just how stunning this line is was
 (it will be gone soon, I'm sure) 
This is the long chain.
It reaches to about 2 inches above my belly button. 
Beautiful amber colored stones.
This would go so well with just about anything.
They also had some with a larger navy tinted stone.
Here's the price tag for the long chain
Was:  $39.99
Now:  $6.04!

(Nah AH!) 
This one is much daintier.
It's a great mid length necklace with 3 small gold chains. 
The stone is the same color as the long necklace.

Here's the price tag for the pendant
Was:  $19.99
Now:  $3.04
(drooling at this point in the middle of the jewelry section)
Holy geez!  How gorgeous are these?
Was:  24.99
Now:  $3.74
Are you kidding me?
Get in my BUGGY! 
Amethyst colored beads surrounding the gold circle
These are small and great for everyday. 
Was:  $16.99
Now:  $2.54

(Are you picking your jaw up off of the floor yet.....?)   
My co-worker's husband works for Target, and when I showed her all my goodies, 
she told me a little Target tidbit. 
Did you know what the tiny number in the top right corner of the 
clearance tag is? 
It's the discount percentage!!  
Those earrings were 85% percent off!
Ya learn something new everyday.

Music Monday Download

"Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye 
The video is majorly artsy fartsy and bizarr-o.  Just minimize the screen and listen to the song.
 Pretty catchy!

Happy Monday! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Toddler Survival Kit

You knew it was coming.  If you're in the dark about what I'm referring to, I recently shared some things I loved during pregnancy that made 9 long months go by smoothly, and last week, I shared what made life with a new baby even more rewarding!

Here's a list of what we are loving right now in toddlerdom!
Beckett loves animals.  Especially dogs and puppies. 
"Dog" by Matthew Van Fleet  is a favorite at our house. 
The tails wag, the noses are sticky; such a fun, rhyming read with 
plenty of touch and feel pages!
Kids Personalized Seating: Kids Personalized Chocolate Brown Nod Chair
We all love the Land of Nod children's personalized chair.
It's such a great size and easy to move anywhere in the house. 
I'm not kidding when I say he sits in it! 
Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle
He loves puzzles and loves fitting shapes into different slots. 
 The Melissa and Doug wooden farm chunky puzzle is his favorite. 
I LOVE the M&D brand! 
Most of the toys are wooden and retro, much like the toys I played with as a child. 

When the weebles get to the bottom of the slide, it plays a nice techo-sounding song! 
Mr. B loves his Weebles Treehouse Playset 

Britax Marathon 70 Cover Set
We made the switch to a big boy carseat MONTHS ago! 
He outgrew the infant carrier before I could blink.  
Britax has gotten some great reviews. 
 The Britax Marathon 70 car seat has a removable cover. 
Britax also has a line of Marathon covers that can be interchanged. 
He's STILL teething!!  
Earth's Best Teething Biscuits are sooooo great!  
He loves them! 
Little Nut Tree
Tired of goofy, irritating baby cds?
Try out Dan Zane and Friends Little Nut Tree .
Some friends of ours gave Beckett this cd for Christmas and I love it. 
Some songs remind me a bit of Jimmy Buffett, others sound bluesy and some  
even have a bit of a Bluegrass feel. 

Happy Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Randomness

I told you I had trouble preparing for posts this week.  
Here's a bunch of RANDOM stuff.
It's been a strange and busy few weeks around our house.
Life with a toddler is fun-filled.  
He's keeping me on my toes! 
B took a fall on Sunday and ended up with another noggin' boo boo.
He doesn't walk anymore.  He RUNS!  Full steam ahead at the speed of light.
New note to self:  Shoes + carpet + running = weekend call to on call-nurse and ice packs! 
My flowers from my sweet boys for Valentine's day were wilting.
I picked out the ones that were still alive and put them in the pretty milk glass vase
I bought at an antique store last year.
Maybe it can be my 'Flowers from Beckett' vase. 
InStyle Magazine has fabulous marketing.
I haven't bought a glossy mag in a while, but the turquoise and coral
colors on the cover helped it land a place in my shopping cart.
Before having a child, I had subscriptions to both InStyle and People Style Watch.
They both got the boot while I was pregnant.
Priorities change.
Can't wait to flip through this--although it might be June before I get to read all of it.
Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I kept my camera set on 'Sports' mode.
This is why.
Talking nonstop.
I can make out certain words but it's mostly whispered gibberish.
He was garbling meshed sentences when I took this picture.
All I could make out was 'book.' Which sounds more like: 'boooo'
Favorite words:
Hot = 'Haaa'
Cold = 'Cole'
Pine Cone = 'piiiiine co' (spoken VERY southern, I might add)
uh huh (his new favorite) If you ask him anything, he responds with uh huh.
(which we quickly follow up with "yes ma'am" or "yes sir")
Even though I know he can't really say it yet, the repetition helps.
This little boy WILL be a southern gentleman if it kills me.
We have a few of these that were mine when I was little. 
Well, I THOUGHT they were all mine.
This one was evidently my cousin's....
Tambra, I have Tom and Jerry if you want it back.
I've just borrowed it for a few years
My favorite.
Where are your eyebrows, B?
He parks better than I do. 
Such a big boy now.
Freeze!  No more growing for this week.
I want to freeze time and keep him just like this.
Still slightly on the obsessed side with Pinterest.  
Running nose.  Perpetual running nose.
He likes to wipe it himself. 
My new iphone case arrived yesterday. 
The ticket to easy photo uploads:
Card readers.
While I was at it, I bought 3 of these online.  With shipping, my order was less than $9!
I can't stand messing with cords. 
Have you seen this mirror pinned on Pinterest?
I know I have; quite a few times.
I marched right on over to Home Depot and
got me one.
Right now, it's hanging on a random wall in our bedroom, but I don't like it there.
It's not huge, so I have to find the right spot for it.

For 35 bucks, you can't beat it though!
Get yours online HERE.

Well, that's all y'all!
Happy Wednesday!