Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm a Pin-atic!

Like you weren't aware that I need a pintervention! 
By now, most of you are aware of Pinterest and how to maneuver around the site.  
I'm a self-proclaimed fanatic and pinning extraordinaire, but it's taken me a while to 
get the most out of the highly addictive network of 'interests' that we love to 'pin'

What all the fuss is about: 
Pinterest is essentially (if you're still wondering what on earth all the buzz is about) a virtual 
pinboard of all the things online that you love.  ALL THINGS!  Whether your'e into reading, cooking, 
decorating, crafting, or just about anything, you can pin it to a board and refer to it whenever you like. 
For a very long time, I had a three ring binder in my closet that I would use to store tear-outs from decorating magazines that I loved.  
I can throw it out now, thanks to Pinterest.  I have literally stumbled across every beautiful image from 
Coastal Living, Traditional Home, or any other glossy decor mag that I drooled over the pictures.  
Recipes?  Well, you can plan dinner for a week, or two, or the next YEAR if you want. 
Thanks to Pinterest, I'd love to plan another wedding and build another house......if I ever win the lottery, that is! 

What I've learned: 

*Everyone I know seems to browse pins differently.  I've recently added quite a few new followers.  I'm a blogger (duh) , so adding some of my favorite bloggers to my following list would make sense.  Since I love their blogs, chances are, I'll love what they find visually appealing.
I used to browse by choosing 'everything', but now that I've added all these other pin-atics to my following list, I browse the main board (Pinboards You Follow) page and I'm amazed at how many wonderful pins I see everyday.  Finding people that share your same interests helps dramatically! 

*If you're pinning a recipe or a d.i.y. pin, make sure you don't pin or repin the whole recipe in the description line.  So many of these blogs and sites count of clicks and traffic to generate income.  I never would have given this a thought if a fellow blogger friend who runs a cooking blog, made this point one day.  I never thought about how many recipes I had pinned to my Calories board that had the full recipe in the description line! 

*Once in a while, actually take the time to browse through your pinboards and visit the sites that they link to.  You might be amazed at how many of them will lead you to fantastic websites that you never knew existed.  Everyday I'm overwhelmed at how many creative, artistic and inventive people there are in this world.  I've been a blogger for a while and have followed plenty of blogs for a long time, but I've found some of my favorite ones only since I've been pinning!  

Happy Wednesday!  
I'm going to pin.....

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  1. Thank you for mentioning the whole recipe in the description thing!