Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Master

I haven't elaborated much on our master bedroom and bath 
on our house tour page for two reasons. 
#1.  It most always is a mess. 
#2.  We don't necessarily have a 'master suite' 
There's not much too it and the decor is 'still in the works' 
We're going to eventually need a king size bed.  Right now we are using Chad's bed from
when he was young (which is a beautiful set), but one day I'd love to have
something a bit less traditional.  
I'd also love to change out the picture above the bed.
It's never been my favorite.
I'm hoping to have my mom paint over it.
I've been pinning some ideas for her to copy to my
'Artsy' board on Pinterest. 

Or, I may just hang these four shell prints above the bed.
I've always loved these.
Such a deal at $12/ea at TJMaxx.
Right now they hang over a dresser that holds our t.v., but we may be replacing the t.v. soon,
so the shells can be relocated. 
This room definitely needs some love. 
Some drapes and organization! 

Any ideas, send them my way!
Happy Tuesday!

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