Monday, January 16, 2012

Out and About - What I Didn't Buy

One of my top resolutions for this year is to give my wallet a break.  TJ Maxx and Marshalls are like
crack to me.  My heart starts to flutter and I break out in a cold sweat right before I walk through the door.  There's nothing I enjoy more than finding something muuuuuuch cheaper.
When people compliment me on something in my house or that I'm wearing, instead of just saying "thank you," I respond with the price, where I got it, and if they still have it in stock.
It's a sickness, I know, but instead of loading myself down with items I really don't need, here's what I spotted.......just in case YOU need it!

First stop: Marshalls:
I reeeeally wanted one of these pitchers.
These would be fantastic on a coutertop to store
wooden cooking utensils. 
This mirror was on clearance for $20.
I love the frame and the graphic pattern, although I'd probably
paint it white. 
Loved these orange zebra lamps ($39?) 
Even though I'm not a huge fan of the print....
I love the shape of this bench.  They had a similar one that I
saw later at TJ Maxx in a charcoal grey.
Fantastic addition for the end of a bed
or foyer. ($99)
Beautiful console or desk.  Love the color! 
I'm such a sucker for white serveware
I love the scalloped bowl in the back ($14.99) 
If you're in the market for one of the hanging baskets like mine, you're in luck.
Both Marshall's and TJs had plenty of them in different finishes ($19.99) 
When did Kate Spade get here?
Cute shower curtain
Clearance: $10.00
Black medallion pillow on clearance: $7 
Mercury glass-ish lamp
Clearance $20
Harbison TJ Maxx
Ohhhhh la la!
I LOOOOOOVE these mirrored chests as bedside tables.
2 sizes.  The large was $279, the smaller on the right was $179.
Yes please! 
This reminds me a LOT of my foyer mirror from Ballard....
Don't go running out the door just yet, this one is about the size of a dinner plate
but would be a great addition for a small wall or corner.
Love the nailhead detail ($279) 
And Serena and Lily?  When did YOU get here??!!!
On the clearance rack for $20.  STILL out of my price range.....
Harbison Ross: 
Very cute flower pots that would look SO good on my porch.
They had all sizes, the medallion size was $5.99! 
Rattan basket-tray:  $7.99 
This union jack trunk would be precious in a little boys room.
I think it was only $49! 
More wire organizing pieces 
Such a steal! 

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm so jealous your store has the wire hanging baskets! I couldn't find them in my store anywhere. I'll have to keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks. Maybe they will show up!

    1. TJ Maxx only had one when I bought mine, but both TJs and Marshalls had loads of them this past weekend. I bet you'll see them soon....

  2. I would totally buy that mirror if I saw it at my store! Love some of the furniture too, like the nailhead armchair and the bench (though I do agree with you on the print but I love the shape)

  3. Oooh what great finds! I love the Kate Spade sheets and I really really want that mirrored dresser!

  4. I want that shower curtain!! If you go back and see it again can you buy it for me and i'll pay you back? haha!