Monday, January 23, 2012

Sheet Search

This has to be the most weird and random post I've ever written and I can't believe that I'm brave enough to hit the publish button after this,  but I'm kind of curious.

Back in the day, I was obsessed with sheets.  I thought Ralph Lauren Estate sheets were the
best thing. EVER.  They began carrying them at Stein Mart and I can remember I saved up for a
set.  I would buy one part of the set each paycheck.

I would switch them out with these Ralph Lauren Charlotte sheets (pictured below) that I
got at TJ Maxx.  However, after saving for the Estate sheets and decorating my room around
the eggplant color that I bought, I ended up falling in love with these floral sheets even more.

NOW, don't adjust your computer screens or reach for your eyeglasses.  These are very 1990s.
But they are by far THE best sheets EVER!  They are SO soft and feel fantastic.  I can't get rid of them.
However, over the years, white sheets have become the staple in our house.

I've since bought many different sets of designer sheets, but every time I pull them out of the packaging,
I'm so disappointed that they don't hold a candle to the dated RL floral pattern sheets that
I love so much.

Does anyone know exactly what kind of RL sheets these are and why OH WHY can't I find these in
white or any other up-to-date pattern or color?  Or anything similar??  I'm pretty sure they are only 200 threadcount.
Believe it or not, I pulled these out of the bottom of the closet, threw them in the
washer and put them on my bed.
I felt like I had gone back in time.
Sometimes comfort outweighs pretty.
At least for this week. 


  1. I don't know anything about the quality or type of sheets RL uses, but I too had the Charolette sheets pictured above and loved them! I actually had my mom take two flat kings and make me a duvet out of them. And a funny aside, on my son's first day of kindergarten, his (older and lovely) teacher was wearing a long skirt in this pattern and my husband whispered in my ear (is she wearing our old duvet?) It took everything I had not to burst out laughing. I was impressed he even remembered that! Good luck in your sheet quest.

    1. That is halarious! I think this print was pretty popular. The beach rental we stay in every year is draped in this fabric. Bedding, drapes....even a wingback chair!! Maybe I should have them made into pajamas before I retire them. ;) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I totally agree with you, there's nothing like amazing, soft, comfy sheets on your bed after a hard day's work and play :)

  3. HI! Mom and I have been on the same quest, but for white RL 350 thread count (low, I know...). They are the sheets I use on my guest bed and they are absolutely my favorite! they are SO soft! I can't find them all the time, but we did score two nicer RL sheets last weekend at Home Goods. I'll keep an eye out for you! :) Happy hunting!

    1. I'm convinced it has nothing to do with thread count---These are 'No Iron 200 thread count' sheets. I feel fairly certain they don't exist anymore. I bought a 300 t.c. set at TJs a few weeks ago (they felt pretty good in the store) but when I washed them and got them on the bed.....complete disappointment! If you see any 200 t.c. no iron, call me asap! Maybe Tampa has them ;) Thanks!!!

  4. I have a collection of Charlotte sheets and other florals made in the time period. The difference is simply this: The first edition of Charlotte is MADE IN THE USA. I have another pattern still in the original package that is part of what is called "The Kimberly Collection". The NIP ones I have say made in the USA. I recently came across a set NIP called Charlotte IV. They were made in Bahrain. The fabric was different. I could tell through the package that the weave was course, compared to the old Charlotte. I purchased the set because it was "deep fitted". And, even though my old Charlotte and Kimberly Collection, (Melanie, Kirsten and Kimberly) don't fit my "new" deep mattress, I am going back to a regular mattress so I can use my sheets again. Presently, I have noticed that RL higher TC sheets are made in 2 and 3 countries, not just one. Often he uses Pakistan, Italy, and, has them sewn in the USA. Then there are the ones made entirely in Italy, though the design may be Pakistan, i.e. Jamaica Paisley. These are like thick satin, and will probably last a lifetime. I cherish my Charlotte, Grasslands, and Kimberly Collection. Extras I have of Kirsten and Melanie are selling on ebay in twin size. The Melanie are NIP. The Kirsten was washed, and exquisite, but I didn't remember the name, so wasn't able to find pillowcases for them. The Kimberly Collection is meant to be mixed. I have a photo of them mixed...delightful! SO YOU ARE RIGHT! - It isn't about the thread count! The new Shetland Manor floral is similar, but has redder flowers and a textured "look", like crepe. Much to my surprise I found that they are 200TC but are percale cotton. These are luxurious sheets and are on sale at