Monday, January 30, 2012

Milky Way

I've never really been an antique person. 
However, a few years ago I stumbled across Mr. Eddie Ross. 
If you don't know who I'm talking about, click here for his bio 
and take a glance at his fantastic work. 
After seeing how beautiful 'select' antiques 
can be paired with modern furnishings and decor.....I'm now an antique shopper. 
His centerpieces and tablescapes made me wonder why 
I hadn't broadened my shopping horizons before now.
I had a milk glass pedestal bowl from my grandmother 
and loved it.  It sparked my interest to get some more pieces and 
expand my collection. 
I adore milk glass.  It's timeless, beautiful, easily found, versatile, 
and very affordable. 
Here's one of the 2 pedestals I have on the mantle.
I walked into an antique store one day and on the way in the door,
I spotted the twin of the one I already had in an office window.
After exploring the whole mall, I asked on of the clerks about it,
she emptied it of a stack of receipts and the inch of dust and said, "20 bucks?"
It was fate.  
This Christmas, I added some gold and silver glass ornaments to them.

After my MIL found out I was on the milk glass hunt,
she gave me this gorgeous hobnail Fenton footed bowl
for my birthday this year.
I've been using it as a jewelry bowl in my bedroom
I love the ruffle edge detail.
So pretty.
Here's another piece she gave me for Christmas this year. 
Here's a vase I picked up the same day I scored the pedestal bowl.
I didn't have a vase this size or shape and loved it.
I could't pass it up for $4. 
I also picked up this hobnail bowl/vase. 
I think this one was only $5. 
This one is beautifully opaque and has a ruffled edge also. 
I'd love to have the match to this one too. 

It isn't a surprise to me that I've become so engrossed in milk glass this year. 
I'm a sucker for any white porcelain piece or serveware. 
My future plan is to paint the inside of the bar cabinets a very dark color to 
show off some of my favorite white pieces. 
I'll keep you updated on that......I've got to find the perfect paint color!
Happy Monday!


  1. I love milk glass as well and I have that same "pedestal" collection myself. I found all three pieces separately and didn't pay more than $3 for any of them.

    You can see mine here:

    1. $3?! Girl, you got those for a steal! I saw yours....I almost bought the mid-sized pedestal like you have. I love it!

  2. Your collection is beautiful. I went through a stage of not collecting, more getting rid of stuff to back collecting again. I love going to flea markets when you are looking for something to add to your collection. I've seen a few milk glass collections in black cabinets and it's so pretty...I think I may have even pinned a few.

  3. Love your collection! I just started collecting milk glass in the last few years and love how versatile it is and how inexpensive to find.