Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend in Review

Good Morning! 
I hope everyone had a good weekend. 
Ours was eventful. 
Poor Beckett had another ear infection and we ended up at the Dr. on Saturday. 
He's a champ though, he was already feeling better by Saturday night. 
He even helped his daddy unload the dishwasher! 

Chad and I did a good bit of cleaning and organizing, which I'll post more about later.
I loved the idea of making an album out of cards so much, I made one from our Christmas cards.
I truly love this!
The album rings can be found in the scrapbooking section at your local craft store.
I purchased these from Hobby Lobby 
Thank you all for such kind comments about the feature on Friday.
I enjoyed reading them so much and I'm very excited to see we have some new followers,
not to mention some more great blogs for me to follow as well!

Happy Monday! 


  1. Wonderful idea! I just took down our holiday cards and this will be a great project!


  2. Love the holiday card idea! Adding it to my long list of DIY projects to be completed. ;) Btw, I'm new to your blog. Have you ever done a post on photography or how you learned, what you use, etc? I'd love to know!

  3. Thanks Christen, I actually did a photography tips post a few weeks ago. I have PLENTY to learn though....

    Check out:

  4. That's a great way to hang on to old cards!! Loved your feature on 6th Street...your home is gorgeous!