Friday, September 28, 2012

My Baby Bird

My mother-in-law brought Beckett the book "Are You My Mother" a few weeks ago and he was OBSESSED with it!!  We have read it repeatedly, SO many times, that he can recite it word for word.  It's a little hard to understand him because of the acoustics in the house and the fact that he's mumbling a bit, but I'll translate below the video.  (I was trying to hide the video camera because he says "Cheese" every time I hold it up).

The egg jumped! 
Oh Oh said the mother bird, my baby bird will be here, 
he will want to eat. 
I must go find something for my baby bird to eat, he said. 
I'll be back....and away he went.  

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beckett Chatter

This kid can talk.....and talk, and talk and TALK!  
I wonder where on earth he gets it from? 
Really, with two parents that could talk the ears off corn, I guess he 
gets it pretty honest. 
Here's a little taste of some of the chatter we hear daily. 
I just HAD to get some of it down to remember later! 

{pointing to the refrigerator}
Beckett:  "I want ooodert"
Chad:  "You want what?"
Beckett:  "OoOOOdert"
Chad:  "You want a popsicle?"
Beckett:  "I want paaasicle"
Chad:  "He kept pointing to the fridge asking for ooodert, so I just gave him a popsicle"
Me:  "He wanted yogurt" 

{I'm watching Keeping up with the Kardashians}
points at the tv....
Beckett: "Uncle Beau on TV!" (sees Rob Kardashian)
I laugh hysterically and call everyone I know to tell them, he's now confirmed it!

{after hanging up the phone}
Beckett:  "Who was that?"
Me:  "Daddy"
Beckett:  "What he say?"
(I think this is the same exchange Chad and I have when either of us hangs up with anyone.)

(overheard at Nonna's talking into a pretend his lounge chair....with his feet propped up)
Beckett: "uh huh, (laughs) uh huh. my mama called the doctor and the doctor said, no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"
(maybe I spend too much time on the telephone?)

(talking to his stuffed puppy dog in the backseat)
Beckett:  "Have you seen Uncle Jay kite?" (my stepbrother kiteboards)

(sitting with Chad on the couch)
Beckett:  "I gave all my hugs and kisses away... "
Chad: "You did?  No more left?"
Beckett:  "Oh....I have ONE left...."(as he holds up one finger)

Beckett:  "Oh my gash"  (he says this in a northern accent, I'm at a LOSS....)

Beckett:  "I can't baaaaLEAVE it!"

Beckett:  "Ya skeeered me ta death!" (why I'm at a loss about the northern accent...)

Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion Fails (and one hit)

At the beginning of August, I bought a few things from the Devine Street Sidewalk Sale.  
I snagged this Tory Burch top for $33, marked down from $325.  
$325!!  Obviously, TB isn't cheap, but I tried the shirt on and decided since it was marked 
down so much, I'd try to make it work.  WRONG! 
Check out this thing.  I mean, what's going on with that neck?  It buttons up the front with 
 some ruffle nonsense and then has a chiffon scarf-tie on top? 
This is why it ended up in the clearance bin.  Because it's a design BOMB!
NO one would look good in this.  It's hideous and does a
bsolutely NOTHING for me. 
Consignment bin!!!
Dearest Tory, what were you thinking?
Well, what was I thinking?  At least I didn't pay full price! 

And then there's this fail.
You can't see in the picture, but it's so tight around my crotch, it's almost ridiculous.
I've been dying for a cute jumpsuit, but since I'm so long waisted, none fit correctly.
I LOVED this Kirna Zabete for Target jumpsuit, and lo and behold.....same fit as all the other jumpsuits
I've tried on.
I've been pining for some Ray Ban wayfarers for a long, LONG time.
Are you aware of how many different styles of wayfarers there are?
Let's just say, PLENTY!
I finally decided I'd get the 52mm "New" Wayfarers (top) and when I got them in the mail,
they looked kinda small on my big head, so with some further research, I went with the 55's.  NOT a
huge difference, but if you're a girl who likes bigger shades like me, the 55s are the way to go.
The 52s are on the way back for a refund!
Amazon has awesome prices on them.  Click HERE for the 52s and HERE for the 55s. 

Happy HAPPY Friday!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Music Monday Download - on a Wednesday

Sorry guys, my Music Mondays are hitting later in the week these days.  My brother sent me a download suggestion this week, and while doing my itunes search I came across some other great music by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  One of which I've heard before called "Paris" click HERE to hear it.  But I'm in a ballad mood today, so I'm posting their song "Stars"

I'm in love with her voice!  
This is definitely my new favorite band to sing along to.  

Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kickoff to Football Season

Happy Monday!!!
We had a jam-packed weekend of football and time with friends.  Chad and I finally made it back to Williams-Brice on Saturday to watch the Gamecocks play.  It's crazy to think that we haven't been to a game since 2007 and back then, we never missed one.  We had a fantastic time tailgating with our friends!  The weather was ridiculously hot, but thankfully we tailgated at a condo, so we had some air conditioned relief!
Chad and I on the condo rooftop tailgating before the game.

Here's the view from their condo by cock-abooses.  
I took a little video of the best entrance in college football!  
Sorry for the lapse in sound.  
Just LOOK at that new giant screen!  
Gooooooo Gamecocks!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Instagram Roundup

Yeah, well.....I'm going to quit calling this blog post "Weekly Instagram Roundup" and just go with "Instagram Roundup."  We're busy as bees and unfortunately can't commit to weekly roundups. 
I know I always brag about my child, but seriously, he did this on his own.
He took puzzle pieces and matched up numbers in his book. 

Such a smart boy!  
That sweet little face just melts me heart like butter in a hot skillet.
Me and Mr. Handsome at the PGA.
My hair HAD curl when we left the house.
Humidity and extreme heat took them away. 

He loves talking on the phone.  

Milk and water.
Wants both at EVERY meal.

I don't have time to work out like I'd like.
My in-laws bought me this exercise ball chair for Christmas a few years ago.
(I asked for it).
It helps my posture and (supposedly) helps tighten your core.
My core needs some tightening FOR SURE! 

Have you seen these bubble necklaces all over the place?
Hint:  Amazon is a fantastic resource for trendy jewelry that you see in boutiques,
Pinterest, and fashion blogs.
These two necklaces set me back around $17 each!
The J.Crew versions are around $150 and the boutiques usually sell them for around
I had three goals with my weight loss program.
#1:  Get my butt back into my wedding dress
#2:  Actually weight what my driver's license has said I weighed since I was 15
(which has always been a lie....)

Goal #2: CHECK!! 

Let's just say I'm ready for fall and some cooler weather!!!  
Just a basket full of cuteness! 
To kick-off football season, I posted this pic of my brother and I
for Throwback Thursday last week.
Look how LONG my hair was! 

This little airplane rocker was a hand-me-down
from my SIL's husbands family.
It's been in his bedroom for a while, but we decided to move it downstairs.
He loves it!  
I stole a copy of Charleston Home & Design from my mom's house on Sunday.
Just look at THIS!
Looks like a rapper in this picture.
What a NUT! 
Our wild life in the country!
Dinner at our friends' house Sunday night and a little bongo playing. 

Happy Wednesday!!