Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Instagram Roundup

Yeah, well.....I'm going to quit calling this blog post "Weekly Instagram Roundup" and just go with "Instagram Roundup."  We're busy as bees and unfortunately can't commit to weekly roundups. 
I know I always brag about my child, but seriously, he did this on his own.
He took puzzle pieces and matched up numbers in his book. 

Such a smart boy!  
That sweet little face just melts me heart like butter in a hot skillet.
Me and Mr. Handsome at the PGA.
My hair HAD curl when we left the house.
Humidity and extreme heat took them away. 

He loves talking on the phone.  

Milk and water.
Wants both at EVERY meal.

I don't have time to work out like I'd like.
My in-laws bought me this exercise ball chair for Christmas a few years ago.
(I asked for it).
It helps my posture and (supposedly) helps tighten your core.
My core needs some tightening FOR SURE! 

Have you seen these bubble necklaces all over the place?
Hint:  Amazon is a fantastic resource for trendy jewelry that you see in boutiques,
Pinterest, and fashion blogs.
These two necklaces set me back around $17 each!
The J.Crew versions are around $150 and the boutiques usually sell them for around
I had three goals with my weight loss program.
#1:  Get my butt back into my wedding dress
#2:  Actually weight what my driver's license has said I weighed since I was 15
(which has always been a lie....)

Goal #2: CHECK!! 

Let's just say I'm ready for fall and some cooler weather!!!  
Just a basket full of cuteness! 
To kick-off football season, I posted this pic of my brother and I
for Throwback Thursday last week.
Look how LONG my hair was! 

This little airplane rocker was a hand-me-down
from my SIL's husbands family.
It's been in his bedroom for a while, but we decided to move it downstairs.
He loves it!  
I stole a copy of Charleston Home & Design from my mom's house on Sunday.
Just look at THIS!
Looks like a rapper in this picture.
What a NUT! 
Our wild life in the country!
Dinner at our friends' house Sunday night and a little bongo playing. 

Happy Wednesday!! 

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