Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beckett Chatter

This kid can talk.....and talk, and talk and TALK!  
I wonder where on earth he gets it from? 
Really, with two parents that could talk the ears off corn, I guess he 
gets it pretty honest. 
Here's a little taste of some of the chatter we hear daily. 
I just HAD to get some of it down to remember later! 

{pointing to the refrigerator}
Beckett:  "I want ooodert"
Chad:  "You want what?"
Beckett:  "OoOOOdert"
Chad:  "You want a popsicle?"
Beckett:  "I want paaasicle"
Chad:  "He kept pointing to the fridge asking for ooodert, so I just gave him a popsicle"
Me:  "He wanted yogurt" 

{I'm watching Keeping up with the Kardashians}
points at the tv....
Beckett: "Uncle Beau on TV!" (sees Rob Kardashian)
I laugh hysterically and call everyone I know to tell them, he's now confirmed it!

{after hanging up the phone}
Beckett:  "Who was that?"
Me:  "Daddy"
Beckett:  "What he say?"
(I think this is the same exchange Chad and I have when either of us hangs up with anyone.)

(overheard at Nonna's talking into a pretend phone....in his lounge chair....with his feet propped up)
Beckett: "uh huh, (laughs) uh huh. my mama called the doctor and the doctor said, no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"
(maybe I spend too much time on the telephone?)

(talking to his stuffed puppy dog in the backseat)
Beckett:  "Have you seen Uncle Jay kite?" (my stepbrother kiteboards)

(sitting with Chad on the couch)
Beckett:  "I gave all my hugs and kisses away... "
Chad: "You did?  No more left?"
Beckett:  "Oh....I have ONE left...."(as he holds up one finger)

Beckett:  "Oh my gash"  (he says this in a northern accent, I'm at a LOSS....)

Beckett:  "I can't baaaaLEAVE it!"

Beckett:  "Ya skeeered me ta death!" (why I'm at a loss about the northern accent...)

Happy Tuesday! 

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