Friday, September 28, 2012

My Baby Bird

My mother-in-law brought Beckett the book "Are You My Mother" a few weeks ago and he was OBSESSED with it!!  We have read it repeatedly, SO many times, that he can recite it word for word.  It's a little hard to understand him because of the acoustics in the house and the fact that he's mumbling a bit, but I'll translate below the video.  (I was trying to hide the video camera because he says "Cheese" every time I hold it up).

The egg jumped! 
Oh Oh said the mother bird, my baby bird will be here, 
he will want to eat. 
I must go find something for my baby bird to eat, he said. 
I'll be back....and away he went.  

Happy Friday!

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  1. I understood every.single.word. He can talk really well, clear to me!! Sounds like a cute little book. Happy Weekend.