Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The week (or Two) in Random Pictures

He tried baby food for the first time.  It was bananas.  He doesn't make this face anymore. 
It's more of a 'mouth-wide-open-lunge-for-the spoon' look. 
 He's quite a fan of the sweet potatoes. 

These were the daisies Chad gave me for mothers day.  I bought an external flash. 
 I'm learning how to use it because I get much better pictures without the built-in flash on my camera. 
 This was a test.

Beckett and I visited Lauren's pool last weekend.  Crazy mommy let him stay in the pool
approximately 5 minutes before she pulled him out and RE-slathered him down in sunscreen. 
Poor baby does NOT have the slightest bit of olive skintone.  Total white boy!
Some days I manage to get him in the house undisturbed.  Most days, he screams bloody
 murder because he's bored and ready to get out of the car.  I load him up with all of his toys
so he's fully entertained on the drive home from Nonna's.  Most get thrown across the backseat
 and he has none left by the time we pull in the garage. This day, they all made it. 
No casualties. 
I just ordered his new carseat.  He's outgrown this one already. 

Tummy Time!

He would rather chew on his paci than anything else.  It's the best toy in the house besides
the house phone and the t.v. remote. 

I edited this one a lot.  Here he is in black and white.

Always has smiles for daddy.....prepare to lose that hat!

He loves his Uncle Beau!!!  Bet you'll never guess who bought the onesie he's wearing?
Beau calls this "the elevator."  Beckett loves it!  It cures cries and makes him squeal
with laughter. 
 Beau might be able to skip the arm workouts. 
Beckett could ride the elevator all day if you let him.

See those chins?  We have resorted to pointing at the ceiling and saying "look up"
so we can clean his neck...

Tried out the hammock on Sunday.  The hammock stand was my mother's day gift
last year.  I remember thinking how much I hoped the baby would enjoy it when he or
she arrived and could play in it this summer.  It's still very hard to believe that this time last
year we didn't even know the gender.
See that smile on my face???  Life couldn't get any sweeter!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Sounds

 Turn up the volume. 
These 2 videos are short and sweet.  He only made these sounds for about two days and then stopped but I'm excited that I captured them on camera. 

Hats, a Clean Porch, Fat Rolls and a Milestone!

This little fella turned 6 months old on Saturday!  Can you believe it?  Some of my family
hate the fact that I dress Baby B in such grown up clothes and duds.  I, however, think it's the
cutest thing EVER to see a little boy dressed in big boy clothes.  Forget the smocked clothing
(no offense to my smock happy friends-I think it's really cute) but for the little boys, I adore the
outfits that match the ones like his daddy wears. 
I've been holding on to this outfit with the matching fedora for months.  I don't dress
him in clothes like this everyday, but Saturday was his birthday, so I was allowed!
I really can't decide who this 'look' reminds me more of....Frank Sinatra or a little old
man from Florida. A co-worker told me black socks with white tennis shoes would
complete this outfit perfectly and I think that's stinkin' halarious!

If only I knew what he was thinking.  I really hate to rush to make him grow up but I
I'm more than curious to hear what comes out of this mouth one day....

Our back porch finally got a much needed shower on Sunday.  Beckett loved watching
Chad spray the porch down with the water hose.

These chubba wubba legs are so cute, they just beg to be squished!

Monday we took Beckett for his 6 month well visit.  He weighed 19 pounds, 6 ounces
and has started eating baby food and is learning to use a sippy cup now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nursery Reveal

I don't know if you can necessarily call this a reveal since this nursery has been (almost) finished for the last 6 months, but here goes anyway....

I couldn't do a blog post without a picture of Mr. B, now could I?
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