Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where there's smoke.....

It's absolutely no secret that Beckett is STILL obsessed with firemen, firetrucks, firehouses, etc. etc. etc!  It was no surprise at all when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween when his response was "A FIREMAN!!"    
The annual daycare Halloween party was this past Saturday and before we left for the party, I tortured him with a photo shoot in the backyard. 

I love Halloween and I LOVE getting him dressed up! 
He was NOT going to be getting some plastic, cheap costume this year, oh NO!  

PotteryBarn Kids sold the same costume this well as Chasing Fireflies. 
But, hey, hey, did AMAZON!!  
Along with fire BOOTS!!  
I ordered this costume, mid-august!  And for the last 2 months, this little boy 
has gotten every penny out of what I spent on it!  He has a hook in his room (his height) 
so that he can hang the suit up at night and have it ready if there is an emergency! 
Getting him ready for Halloween this year was a cinch.  
Basically, all I had to do was tell him to "suit up!"  
He's had enough practice putting the suit on, he had on his pants, jacket, shoes 
and suspenders before I could even say "get in the car, it's an emergency!" 

Outside for a quick Halloween photoshoot 
Oh yeah, by the way, we have a new dog.  A dog that made it VERY hard to take a few 
pictures because she wanted to play! 

Giving some kisses!  

 I'm so glad I glanced at the pictures Chad took!  
This just shows the importance of where you need to stand when taking pictures to eliminate shadows! 

Puddin' (Beckett named her!) the firedog! 

 First attempt at trying to get a shot with mommy....the look on my face says it all....

 I eventually gave up trying to get him to look at the camera. 
He was too busy giving his firedog commands. 
 Oh how I love you my little fireman! 

 Even brave, BRAVE firemen kiss their mommies! 
 Annnnnnnd moment interrupted.....Puddin' wanted kisses too. 

MORE firedog kisses! 

He so so excited to get dressed up and show everyone his costume! 

Happy Halloween!!!
Sound the alarm!!  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Minnie Mouse Mania!

Happy 2nd birthday to sweet Anna Wallace!  Man, these kids grow fast, don't they?  It seems like just yesterday, I was posting about her first birthday party!  This year the party theme was Minnie mouse and there were mouse ears everywhere!!  Here's a peek at all the minnie mouse mania!!  
Gorgeous cake!!  Who can write that well in icing?  A calligrapher? 
Mouse ear chicken salad sandwiches 
Bowtie pasta salad 
Lauren made the cupcakes herself.  I could have eaten that whole RACK of cupcakes!!
SOOO good! 
Styrofoam mouse ear centerpieces Lauren made.  SO CUTE! 
(But what I love even more is Anna blurred in the background obviously 
enjoying her birthday cake!!
Precious Happy Birthday banner complete with Disney font. 
Here's the beautiful birthday girl!!  

Getting ready to blow out her candles!!

Wasn't sure at first about the headband. 

However, it's funny that the ones that wore the headbands most of the time were the two boys at 
the party. 

Coloring and cake eating!!  

Giving her mommy some LOVE!!  

Such a fun party!!  
Happy 2nd Birthday Anna!!  


Monday, October 21, 2013

Behind the scenes - Halloween '13

I posted the DIY on the Spooky Banner, but totally forgot about the rest of the Halloween decor!    
Click HERE for the Halloween decor post and HERE for the spooky banner tutorial.
Lanterns:  Formerly on the back porch. Hot glued spiders and battery operated candles 
All pumpkins are from Target (previous years) 
Wheat: From out wedding centerpieces 
Black crows:  Tuesday Morning (previous years) 

Looking at this place setting, I realize I have Target to thank! 
Read on. 
Dollar aisle pumpkins plus 2 coats of plastic spray paint I already had on hand.
Yet again, Potterybarn as inspiration.  I loved THESE napkins!
I found these kitchen towels with crows for $9.99, they came in a pack of 2 along with the black printed ones you see on the table setting.
I took the two black ones, cut them in two, and used them as table napkins.
They are just for looks, so no one will see the tattered edge since I folded it under.
For $20 I got two kitchen towels and 4 napkins.
The black plates were on clearance at Target and with extra deductions using my redcard
and more discounts on Threshold tableware on the cartwheel app, they ended up
being around $1.30 each.  

I scored these black raven silhouettes after Halloween on clearance at Joann's last year. 

$8 spider garland from Target.  
Wayyyy too long.  I cut it in half and used one half for the hallway mirror. 
The funkins I got on clearance after Halloween at Hobby Lobby last year.  
I cut the spiders from the other half of the garland and hung them from the 
chandelier with fishing line. 
Another super easy DIY courtesy of the Hob Lob. 
Letters were 50% off, and all Christmas items were 50% off, so instead of buying the burlap 
ribbon from the ribbon section, I scored more discounts in the Holiday department.  

Halloween is quickly approaching! 
Trick or treat and Happy Monday! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Beckett Chatter

Laying down with Beckett to take a nap...

Me:  "Beckett, you need to close your eyes and take a nap!" "CLOSE them!" 
Beckett:  "But, but, but mommmmm-meeee, I can't close my eyes."  
Me: "Why?" 
Beckett:  "Because I'm allergic to closing my eyes!!" 

He went from being a happy kid in the mornings to giving me (and his daddy) lip!  I remember posting a while back what a sweet child he was in the mornings and how he didn't get that from Chad or I......well, it finally sunk in.  He's not necessarily the sweet angel I was used to.  He loves a show on Nick, Jr. called "Paw Patrol" that has a really catchy tune at the beginning credits (catchy like I sing it in my dang head all day long and want to hear anything but the paw patrol song!)  I was singing along and dancing beside him one morning....

Me:  (singing) "Paw, Patrol, no jobs too big, no pups too small....." 
Beckett:  "Mommy, (turns his head sideways and gives me a look of disgust) could you please go away and just go get ready?"
I guess he doesn't like my singing so much....

Y'all know how much I despise crocs!  Well, I've said it so much over the years, it's come back to bite me in the foot.  One morning while getting ready I realized we'd left his tennis shoes at his Nonna's.  I was searching for something other than flip flops (since it IS fall even though it IS 80 degrees).  I keep his shoes in the trunk behind the sofa (even shoes that now need to be boxed away that are too small). He decided to help me look....

Beckett:  "LooooOOOOk Mommy, my CROCS!!!!" 
Me:  "Really?  You can't wear those, you need to wear socks". 
Beckett:  "But I can!!  With my socks!"  
Me:  "Can we try on these new tennies from Gymboree?  Or these others from TJMaxx?" 
Beckett:  "Noooo, I want the CROCS!"
Me:  "Alriiiiiiight, if you must, just take the socks off with them since your'e wearing shorts!"
Beckett:  (as he's taking his socks off) "Don't you love my crocs?  I LOOOOVE my crocs, they are sooooo com-fort-able!"  
It's almost as if someone put him up to this.....

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lunch Break Shopping

I haven't done a lunch break shopping post in a while, huh?   Here's some of the good stuff I spotted  last week at the Harbison Marshall's, Forest Drive Tuesday Morning and Trenholm Plaza Stein Mart.  

First stop:  Marshall's  
White pumpkins are chic and transition from Halloween decor to Thanksgiving decor easily! 
I think these were only around $9.99 and were a good size! 

I ADORE these!!!  I don't know what it is about this color combo and print, but I love it. 
The acid yellow and ikat pattern is so fresh looking.  Plus, these were a beautiful velvet texture 
and down filled.  So luxurious!  
A bonus, they were on clearance for $20. 
 Driftwood votive holder. 
Neat addition for a beach home or room with coastal decor. 
$39.99 seems a bit steep for some driftwood in my book, but I've seen items like 
this for far more, so this might actually be a deal! 

Loved these spiral grey lamps with burlap shades.    

 On another day at Tuesday Morning, I found these great distressed crates with chalkboard ends. 
How fab would these be for a playroom, craftroom or even a pantry?  

I love a great occasional table.
These small tables go perfectly in a tight area for just an added touch of glamour 
and an extra place to set down a drink or book! 
Unfortunately, this had no price tag.  

 Down filled union jack pillow. 
This screams Restoration Hardware! 
Down filled and $29.99 

Tuesday Morning is a great place to find statement mirrors.  
How about these studded beauties?! 
They both were huge and can you just imagine these in a foyer?  
I'm drooling over all the pictures I've seen on Pinterest of uber dark walls!  
These would look so fab agaist a navy or dark grey wall. 
The upholstery studs give them an added flair.  
I have to say, the one in the back with the curved sides is my favorite. 
Great price at $79.99!

More ikat, down filled pillows! 
These aren't outdoor pillows, but would look fantastic on an outdoor sectional or even 
as an added pop of color for a porch swing or lounge chair.  
Pretty fall colors. 

Lastly, I strolled around Stein Mart.
Sometimes I find great pieces and sometimes I could kick myself for even walking in the door.  
I love the neutral colors and the marsh-like scenery of this enormous canvas.   

Happy Tuesday and happy shopping!