Friday, October 18, 2013

Beckett Chatter

Laying down with Beckett to take a nap...

Me:  "Beckett, you need to close your eyes and take a nap!" "CLOSE them!" 
Beckett:  "But, but, but mommmmm-meeee, I can't close my eyes."  
Me: "Why?" 
Beckett:  "Because I'm allergic to closing my eyes!!" 

He went from being a happy kid in the mornings to giving me (and his daddy) lip!  I remember posting a while back what a sweet child he was in the mornings and how he didn't get that from Chad or I......well, it finally sunk in.  He's not necessarily the sweet angel I was used to.  He loves a show on Nick, Jr. called "Paw Patrol" that has a really catchy tune at the beginning credits (catchy like I sing it in my dang head all day long and want to hear anything but the paw patrol song!)  I was singing along and dancing beside him one morning....

Me:  (singing) "Paw, Patrol, no jobs too big, no pups too small....." 
Beckett:  "Mommy, (turns his head sideways and gives me a look of disgust) could you please go away and just go get ready?"
I guess he doesn't like my singing so much....

Y'all know how much I despise crocs!  Well, I've said it so much over the years, it's come back to bite me in the foot.  One morning while getting ready I realized we'd left his tennis shoes at his Nonna's.  I was searching for something other than flip flops (since it IS fall even though it IS 80 degrees).  I keep his shoes in the trunk behind the sofa (even shoes that now need to be boxed away that are too small). He decided to help me look....

Beckett:  "LooooOOOOk Mommy, my CROCS!!!!" 
Me:  "Really?  You can't wear those, you need to wear socks". 
Beckett:  "But I can!!  With my socks!"  
Me:  "Can we try on these new tennies from Gymboree?  Or these others from TJMaxx?" 
Beckett:  "Noooo, I want the CROCS!"
Me:  "Alriiiiiiight, if you must, just take the socks off with them since your'e wearing shorts!"
Beckett:  (as he's taking his socks off) "Don't you love my crocs?  I LOOOOVE my crocs, they are sooooo com-fort-able!"  
It's almost as if someone put him up to this.....

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