Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Minnie Mouse Mania!

Happy 2nd birthday to sweet Anna Wallace!  Man, these kids grow fast, don't they?  It seems like just yesterday, I was posting about her first birthday party!  This year the party theme was Minnie mouse and there were mouse ears everywhere!!  Here's a peek at all the minnie mouse mania!!  
Gorgeous cake!!  Who can write that well in icing?  A calligrapher? 
Mouse ear chicken salad sandwiches 
Bowtie pasta salad 
Lauren made the cupcakes herself.  I could have eaten that whole RACK of cupcakes!!
SOOO good! 
Styrofoam mouse ear centerpieces Lauren made.  SO CUTE! 
(But what I love even more is Anna blurred in the background obviously 
enjoying her birthday cake!!
Precious Happy Birthday banner complete with Disney font. 
Here's the beautiful birthday girl!!  

Getting ready to blow out her candles!!

Wasn't sure at first about the headband. 

However, it's funny that the ones that wore the headbands most of the time were the two boys at 
the party. 

Coloring and cake eating!!  

Giving her mommy some LOVE!!  

Such a fun party!!  
Happy 2nd Birthday Anna!!  


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