Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween '13

It's October!  In my opinion, the best month of the year.  Football, the fair, the true beginning of fall, pumpkins, ghouls and goblins....but best of all, decorating for Halloween! 
When I was a kid, Halloween was a huge deal.  My mother would decorate every inch of our front porch with Halloween décor along with a family of scarecrows in the front yard greeting passersby.  This time of year is when I miss living in a subdivision a bit.  As nice as it is to have plenty of land, it was so much fun seeing our neighbors houses covered in cobwebs, carved pumpkins and 'actually' handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween!! 
I try to change up my decorations for each holiday just a bit, even if it's just tweaking a few things or adding one or two new pieces to my collection.  It's fun to not always have the same setup as the previous year. 
This year, I wanted a "Potterybarn inspired mantle." Potterybarn is my go-to for holiday decorating ideas (especially for Halloween).  I like to call it "spooky chic"  A black raven?  Lanterns?  Not necessarily spooky pieces, but pair them with pumpkins, flickering candles and hairy spiders and you've got yourself a creepy mantlescape.  With the exception of the 'spooky' sign and the lanterns, I've used most of these pieces on the mantle for the last few years. 

The sign was a DIY project I came up with this year.  I found THIS sign in the Potterybarn catalog
this year, but they were already out of stock, so I ended up making my own version. 
(Tutorials for all of these crafts and source lists to follow later this week).
Do these lanterns and battery operated flickering candles look familiar?
You may recall their previous location, HERE (scroll to bottom of post)

There's really nothing easier or cheaper than these lamp shade bats. 
I've been taping these inside lamp shades for years! 
For a previous tutorial, click HERE.

This wreath photographs more garnet than it actually is in person. 
It looks completely black in real life. 

Want to see previous Halloween decorations? 
Happy October and Happy Halloween!


  1. This looks great. LOVE the bats behind the lampshade. May have to steal that idea! I could see this all in a Pottery Barn catalog :)

  2. October truly is the BEST month of the year. I've been away from the blog world for too long so I'm playing a little catch up. I forgot how much I love your house and your Halloween decor is spot on. Great job lady :)