Monday, December 17, 2018

Hula Hoop Wreath

I saw this idea on Instagram a few weeks ago and saved the post to come back to if I had time to do this before Christmas and lo and behold, we finally were at home most of the weekend and I could do a little DIY.  I loved how simple and elegant the ring wreath looked and who would have thought it's actually a hula hoop?  Saturday afternoon, Beckett and I were cleaning out old toys when I came across his old hula hoop and thought if MAYBE I could scrounge up enough remnants throughout the house, I could make one.  
I never realized that underneath the hoola hoops that are covered in holographic stickers is just a plastic black base.  It took a good bit of peeling, but finally I was left with a black hoop to use for the base.  I had Chad poke a hole on the backside to drain the water out of the hoop so that it wouldn't put strain on bottom end once it was hung.  

After rummaging through the attic, I came across a box of cheap wired garland I used outside a few years ago. I think I originally got it from Target  and it's $2.80 for 9'.  I tightly wound the garland around the hoop on one end, fluffing out the sprigs to look as full as possible.  Now I'm left with a base that I can easily slip other garland remnants into.
I remembered my front door wreath had green berries, so I snipped a few long strands off of it on the backside of the wreath without leaving a gap.

My tree in the bonus room is a faux tree that has tiny pinecones, so from the backside of the tree, I snipped a few branches off in an inconspicuous place.

It still needed something else, so I snipped a few faux magnolia leaves from the garland on my dining table. 

It needed a simple swag of ribbon.  I large wired bow would ruin the simplicity of it.  I was lucky enough to have found 2 pieces of leftover ribbon, I ironed out with my flat iron, and tucked it right in the middle to finish it off!

This whole project took 20 minutes tops.  I hung it with a command hook in my window and tada! 

No hot glue, not wiring!  And best of all, I didn't purchase one single item to do this!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Chalk Paint Revamp

Over the summer, I decided to revamp a few dark wood pieces in our home.  I painted a dresser, a chest of drawers, and this hallway table in about 2 weeks time.  Painting has never been my favorite thing, but I was surprised at how easy and quick I turned these around.
I should have gotten better pictures of how dark it looked in this hallway downstairs right before I painted it. I stole this shot from the house tour tab that I desperately need to update.  

Here's where my project began.  (The dresser in the background also got a revamp, but I'm still working on styling the bonus room and making some changes and mounting the tv, so more to come on that).  I didn't take pictures of step by step progress, but there are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest and a quick google search will help you if you're new to the chalk paint process.

I started off by removing the handle hardware and giving it a good sanding and wiping off all the dust from sanding before I started my first coat.
The color that I used was "Garden Trowel" by Magnolia Home from Target   I used a chalk paint brush from Amazon to apply the paint.  If you've never used chalk paint before, the first thing you'll notice is that it dries super fast.  I applied long, consistent brush strokes to obtain a more matte, clean finish.  (There are plenty of blogs and info online about this, so you may want to let the experts explain better than I can).  I let that coat dry overnight and repeated the process the next day with a second coat.  
*Note: With all three of these projects I had a few spots where the paint looked like it hadn't dried and was darker.  I just resanded the area and touched up the paint and you couldn't tell.  
After the second coat dried overnight, I applied a thin layer of Rustoleum Matte Clear Topcoat.  This evens out the color and protects the finish, and I read a few different reviews that stated this was easier to apply than the traditional wax finish for chalk paint.  

I finished it off with the same modern brushed gold pulls I used for the downstairs dresser (especially since I had 4 leftover from the dresser project and it meant not having to look for new pulls since these fit.

I like this table so much better upstairs and the lighter shade is a better contrast with the dark hardwoods.

My next project is painting my granny's corner cabinet in my dining room, but I'm having a hard time deciding on a color.  Once the holidays are over, my plan is to work on whipping the dining room into shape since I'm happier with it now that the furniture has been rearranged! 

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Why it's all worth it....

Lately I've been highlighting in my Instagram stories, other accounts that I follow and enjoy their aesthetic or style.  I was going to share a particular one this week, but I couldn't just add it to my story feed.  It deserved more, because this girl is one of my biggest, loudest cheerleaders, my eternal friend, and in all honesty, I've been meaning to tell you all about her for a while....because I met her through blogging.  I know I don't have a huge following, and I'll never let that bother me because, through this outlet, I got to meet one of the best human beings I've ever known.
In 2012, another interior design blog featured my home for their series "Feature Fridays" and Angie started following my blog. At some point in time, we started emailing, she had some questions about a sunburst mirror I posted about that she and her sister ended up purchasing as well.  The emails got longer and longer, and turned more from just home decor and my low carb lifestyle, to more personal things like family and where we each grew up.  Eventually we started texting, and after a few weeks of texting back and forth, we ended up on the phone.  And boy, do I remember that conversation like it was yesterday.  We sat up and talked until the early hours of the morning and that night I knew, I had a friend for life!
Eventually, after months and months of texting and talking on the phone, her insanely trusting and loving husband, agreed to put their family of 4 in the car and make the trek from Selma, Alabama to come stay with us in our 13 Acres outside of Columbia, South Carolina.  I remember Chad being so nervous by all of this.  Were we crazy enough to let 4 complete strangers stay at our house?  We must be out of our minds right?  What if they are serial killers or part of some cult or scam?  What if they rob us blind?  But by the time they packed up to go home and Angie and I said our tearful goodbyes, Chad understood why I felt so at ease having these strangers come to our home.  Meeting her for the first time was surreal.  It's like we hadn't missed a beat and we'd known eachother our entire lives.
 First trip to SC, back in 2014 
We still talk and text almost daily.  Her family is one of the kindest, most loving group of people you'll ever meet.  For the longest time, Chad would refer to her as my 'internet friend.'  But now, before we get off the phone, he's normally in the background yelling "ask her when they're coming back to see us!"

I'm so blessed to call her my friend.  I'm so glad she's nosy and outspoken and asks a million questions because if not, I never would have found her.  And I'm SO proud of her!!  
Angie and her friend Lauren have started a new business called Fuel Good Co and I just can't tell you how over the moon excited I am for them!  
When Angie visited me on one of her trips here a few years ago, I could tell she'd gained a good amount of weight.  She'd struggled with Diabetes, Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's disease.  Shortly after that trip, she changed her eating habits, cut out certain items from her diet, and managed to lose 40 pounds!  She and Lauren have developed a plan that now has consistent testimonials and success.  This is a completely different way of looking at food, nutrition and some incorporated intermittent fasting (which I SWEAR by for a jumpstart) and a lifestyle change that I believe changes the way you think about food for good!   

If you're interested in seeing what the plan is all about, visit their website here.  

Angie is firecracker!  She's loud, fun, energetic and makes everyone feel special. There are days after I've gotten off the phone with her I feel terrible that I didn't have time to ask her about her day or what's going on with one of the kids, etc, because she'd been drilling me with 25 questions from start to finish.  I know that as a coach in this new adventure, she's amazing!  I love her motivation and spunk!!  

This post was more like a 2 for 1.  You got some information on a new business that I feel deserves a huge shout out and the story of how we invited strangers from another state to come stay in our house having never laid eyes on them.

Sometimes I wonder if all this is worth it, sharing our home, my stories and my obsession with changing things in our house, but then I remember it's all WELL worth it.  I made lifelong friends who I admire and love so much!  My only regret is that we are physically so far apart, but I know she's always a phone call away when I need her.

Love you Angie, Robin, Wiley and Alice!!!  
Go Cocks and Roll Tide! (sorry Rob) 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Federal Mirror

A few years ago, my mom and I were shopping in her favorite thrift shop in Hilton Head.  I came across this wooden federal mirror with a gorgeous convex glass.  These had gained HUGE popularity (again) at the time. I had spotted them all over Pinterest, blogs and magazines.  This one was a good size, a nice wood frame and absolutely stunning!  I urged my mom to buy it and for only $40, even she couldn't pass it up.

Fast forward a few weeks.  She decides it needs a coat of gold paint (like the pictures of ones I'd shown her), she rimmed the inner band in black and hung it above her mantle.  It really was beautiful! forward a few years.  We buy a new king size bed.  Check.  We buy new blue and white bedding.  Check-check.  Now we have a new problemo.  The large painting my mom had painted that once hung above our bed is too large with the new tall headboard, so for the time being I moved the starburst convex mirror that lived at the landing at the top of the stairs to above our bed.

Former master bedroom

Convex mirror, convex mirror.  Blue and white, blue and white.  Now I'm starting to obsess over the fact that my mom possesses this stunning federal mirror that would look KILLER above my new bed.  I couldn't just steal hers away so I ordered one on etsy that I THOUGHT looked the same.  I also fudged the measurements, so when it came in, it was not only a fourth of the size of hers...but not wood...something like a heavy resin or plastic!  How I missed this in the listing is beyond me.  Now I was out $75 and stuck with a wannabe version of the more beautiful reproduction mirror that I REALLY wanted.

With a little bribing, I convinced her to trade mirrors.  She did it because she loves me so much....that and I begged and whined about how my blue and white bedroom was calling it's name.

Every time she walks through my bedroom she says how really beautiful is DOES look in my space, and I smile and think about how you really will give your kids anything they want if you have the means to.  Even if they take the wall decor right off your wall and replace it with crappier, chintzier version.
Thanks, mom!
Happy Monday!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

I used my "Favorite Things" board on Pinterest to compile a list of some pretty great items that I LOVE!  Visit my Pinterest link to see way more of all the things I'm obsessed with, you might even find some other great gift or stocking stuffer ideas.
Ray-Ban Pilot Aviator Sunglasses
I LOVE sunglasses.  I love cheap ones, designer ones, mirrored, gradient.  I don't discriminate.  And I love aviators probably the most because they look good on everyone and are chic and flattering.  These are my current favorites.  They are a little larger than the classic Ray-Ban style, but the fit is better than any other aviators I've had.
Lisi Lerch Ginger Earrings in Beaded Gold
I actually just got these in the mail today and I'm in love.  If you watch any Bravo show, you've seen these before.  Lisi Lerch is a favorite with Bravolebrities.  I've loved these Ginger earrings since I saw them on Cameron from Southern Charm.  They come in a variety of colors, but I chose the gold beaded version.  I've got my eye on another pair I've added to my own wish list!
Hunter Short Refined Wellington 
I love these Hunter Short Refined boots because they are a mid calf length and just like the name they are given, they're more refined.  They're less bulky and a little more formal than the classic Hunter boot.  These come in a variety of color combinations, but I love the navy and green the best.  Also, if you can't decide on a short boot or a tall boot, this makes choosing even easier.
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette 
The Too Faced Natural Eye Palette looks great on anyone.  Pretty neutrals!! 
Gorjana Super Star Necklace
It's no secret I love jewelry.  I especially love dainty jewelry that you can layer.  Gorjana is my absolute favorite designer, hands down!  I have so many of her pieces, I can't even begin to count.  Whether I'm wearing a piece alone or layered with 2 to 3 other pieces, I always get compliments!
I love this Super Star necklace so much! Such a cute and fun piece! (Click the link to Amazon to see how well it pairs with other necklaces)
Rabbit Vertical Wine Opener
And last but not least, why not make opening wine even easier.  I love the vertical wine opener so much better than the classic Rabbit hinge design.  Super easy and I've had mine for years!

Happy Friday!
Maybe you even found something to add to your own wish list this year!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Decking the Halls 2018

Wow!  I realized while writing this that I haven't posted about Christmas decor since 2013 (and now looking back on that tacky gold dining room I did that year, I know why) Things haven't changed a ton with regards to the living room. We still have the giant tree that has been cussed and yelled at since 2012 when we got it.  I came VERY close to listing it for sale on Facebook last week, but as much as I hated to move the large black sideboard into the dining room so that the tree could go in it's usual spot, that would have meant either A. buying a real tree (which would be dead in 2 weeks), or B. Having to find a new fake tree that I liked (which I really didn't feel like doing either.  And even though we fume and fuss over this giant beast every year, keeping it meant not spending more money and things actually worked out with the new furniture placement ....which I'll get to later in this post.
If you want to see prior year Christmas posts, click on the links below: 
(There wasn't  a post in 2010 because I was on maternity leave with a new baby boy) 
Ugh.  Typing that tugs at my heart! 

I haven't changed up the mantle in the last few years.  I still love my milk glass pedestal bowls with silver and gold balls.  One was my granny's and the other I bought at a local antique store.  It was in a window of an office and was piled with paperwork in it.  I remember walking back inside and asking them if they'd sell it to me and they just randomly came up with a price.  
I know I talk about my candles and lanterns a lot, but I just love them!!  The candles flicker like real candles and are battery operated.  If you follow me on Instagram you know how awesome I think these are.  They come in a set of 3 on Amazon.  They are remote controlled and come with 4 and 8 hour automatic shut off.  I loved them so much, I bought a second set.
For link for candles, click HERE.

Let me just share a little about my stacked cookie jar.  My brother likes to play this trick on me with the cookies.  He loves to eat cookies out of my cookie jar, but I see them as more of a vase filler than a grab and go.  I keep fresh ones in the pantry (which he knows), but he loves to either steal a few from the back side and see how many he can take before I notice, or he'll lift the lid and make a big clanging sound to see if my head whips around and I yell at him to 'put down the cookie!"  Sooner or later I'm going to resort to either gluing the lid shut or gluing the cookies together, I haven't decided which.

This wicker tray is sitting on the counter by the sink.  I love using cake stands to add some variety and height.  The mint julep cup was full of candy canes earlier this week, but a little boy decided to knock out a few, and the large glass dome ornament came from Tuesday Morning.  I thought it was precious and it's battery operated.

Glass lidded jar is from Target
Sand and Fog candle can be found at Marshalls, Homegoods and TJMaxx or Amazon
Small cake stand:  Target from last year
Look how cute this little guy is.  B loved this yesterday when he saw me putting it together.  I've had this Southern Living Hemingway Hurricane for years.  I added a little artificial snow from World Market and some bottle brush trees from Target 
The sweet little deer was an ornament I picked up from World Market.  If you're a World Market Rewards member you can opt to receive texts with coupons.  Yesterday the coupon was for a free ornament, so that cute little guy ended up being free.    
Another cake stand occupies the corner by the microwave.  Another bottle brush tree (Marshall's), one of my favorite candle scents, and a new deer I picked up last week from Marshall's as well.  

I have never been completely pleased with the decor in the foyer.  Previously, I had small, dark wood table that was just too weird in this space.  Over the summer, I went on a chalk paint rampage.  I painted a dresser, chest of drawers and this gray hallway table that was in our hallway downstairs.  I also painted over the chandelier painting that was in our dining room and hung it above this table. 
After we got the tree up Saturday and moved the sideboard, we decided to move this table and painting from downstairs to the upstairs hallway and I think it looks SO much better up here.   

Some fresh cut magnolia from the yard, gives this gray vignette some color and perfect for the holidays.  
I added this little grouping of sweet little ceramic houses ($3/ea.) I found in the dollar section at Target.  The tray is also from the Target dollar section ($5).  The bottom has a mirrored base.  I added some more bottle brush trees (all from Target) and some more of the artificial snow from World Market. The houses are lit with battery operated tealights. 
Here's the sideboard that formerly had a home in the living room where the tree is now.  I don't know why on earth I didn't think it would work on this wall, but once we moved it in here on this giant wall that had nothing on it, I realized how much I liked it so much better in the dining room anyway.  The wonderful news is that once the giant tree gets put away, this sideboard is staying where it is.  It's been moved back and forth from the dining room to the living room 4 times now.  FOUR!
If you remember my previous post about these chairs and my breakfast nook, scratch all that.  The round table that used to be in my breakfast nook with these chairs got on my nerves.  It just took up too much space and I missed my little conversation area right off my kitchen.  I sold the table to my mom and moved things back to where they used to be.  I'm really loving these chairs with new table though.  My next purchase for this room will be a rug and chairs for each end of the table.

The garland is just one piece I picked up last year from Hobby Lobby wrapped with some wired striped ribbon. The candle holders are from Target a few years back, and the black candles are Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target.  

Lastly, the final details.  Our wedding china, paired with Christmas bowls and some crisp white Potterybarn monogrammed napkins.

I noticed one thing that is now very high up on my list.  I need to update the house tour badly!  Once the holidays are over and things are put back into place, that will be my next goal!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
There is so much going on through the month of December, I find it hard to fit blogging onto my list of to do's, but as always, I'll be sharing throughout the season on Instagram.

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

With Black Friday and Christmas shopping right around the corner, I thought it was fitting to compile a list of things that have been a hit over the last few years with my husband.  He's a creature of habit and pretty low maintenance (ok, scratch that, VERY low maintenance), but here are a few nicer items that I know he loves and uses on a daily basis.  
Bose Soundlink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker

Ok, I may have really wanted this for myself as well, so this one was a win win.  I know a small bluetooth speaker that's almost $300 may sound ridiculous, but let me tell you.....this lantern sized speaker will blow you away!  It's super durable, water resistant, and the battery lasts way longer than any other bluetooth device I've ever owned.  I haven't turned on the Sonos system once since we bought this because it's so easy to pair to and I don't have to use the Sonos app.  Perfect to take with you anywhere!

Marmot Quasar Nova Jacket
I have to confess, I was lucky enough to score this down Marmot down jacket from either TJMaxx or Marshalls a few years ago, but it's one of my favorites I've bought him.  It's not as bulky as some of the other puffer coats I've seen, but still super warm.
2 Pack Etekcity Camping Lanterns
I may even order another pack of these this year.  We tend to lose power a lot and these are handy to have around.  Super bright and and collapsible and less than $20 for 2.  Perfect stocking stuffer!

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

Did I mention we lose power a lot?  These Anker portable chargers are perfect to keep on hand...or when you're being lazy and your phone is at 5% and you don't want to move from your comfy spot on the sofa because there's no outlet nearby.  
North Face Men's TKA 100 Glacier Quarter Zip
Chad loves these pullovers because they are super lightweight.  They are easy to throw on over a
t-shirt when he's outside.  He JUST mentioned he needs more of these so I'm going to add these to my own list.  They also come in a huge variety of colors.

Corkcicle 24 Ounce Tumbler
Yeti who?  I like the lines of these Corkcicle tumblers so much better than the Yeti Ramblers and they are easier to hold in my opinion.  They also come in a variety of colors and as a bonus, these have a nonskid bottom.  Chad has one in matte black and I have the grey.  Great gift for just about anyone.
A few years ago when the soft side Yeti coolers were all the rage, we opted for this RTIC soft pack 30 cooler instead and we are still loving it.  Super durable and keeps items cold just as long as a Yeti but for a fraction of the cost.  They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Cremo Beard & Scruff Softener 
This is what I end coming home from Target with with after watching the Queer Eye Reboot.  I still love his beard, so some fancy beard cream was a must.  After standing in the men's shaving/beard/mancare section for probably half an hour sniffing all the bottles, this one made it to the cart.

Christmas is in 39 days.  Ouch!  I've got to get moving.  Or start pressing 'add to cart!' 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

You CAN sit with us

I wanted to publish this yesterday in honor of World Kindness day, but life got in the way and I ran out of time, so here goes....

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and have a heart to heart with your younger self?  Lots of times when I hear this question I often think about my later teen years.  How I would have made different choices, or focused more on my education instead of my social life.  This week I came across a piece of my past and the answer to that question has changed.  I wish I could go back and hug my 6th grade self.
B started playing basketball this week for the first time, and coincidentally practice and games are in the same gymnasium that was beside the school I attended in the 6th grade.  The school has since been converted into an apartment complex, but the gymnasium is still there for community use.
I didn't expect walking through those doors again to have such an effect on me.  The outside of the gym has been spruced up a bit.   New windows, possibly a new coat of paint around the door frames, but inside....inside is exactly as I remember it.  The painted tiger paws on the hardwoods have darkened with age, but the same wood slatted bleachers remain.
In 6th grade I made the brave decision to change school districts and attend the intermediate school in the district where my mom taught.  The district was much smaller and I felt more at ease knowing my mom taught at the high school that was virtually across the street.
There are a few things that stand out to me about that first year, but the first day of school is one I won't forget.  Let's rewind back to the early 90's.  No internet, no Facebook, no Instagram.  No means of searching for hashtags or finding ways to see what students and peers from this new school were wearing.  This was the first day of school for a 6th grade girl.  The perfect ensemble was CRUCIAL!  This is where this story gets hysterical, but at the same time MORTIFYING!
Again, this is the early 90's.  I'm coming out of elementary school and entering 6th grade.  Until now, my favorite band had been New Kids on the Block, but I knew these girls were more into MC Hammer and Bobby Brown.  So what does this 6th grade girl choose to wear her very first day of middle school in a new school?  Hammer pants.  That's right ladies and gentleman, yours truly chose to wear the flouncy, billowy pants like the ones worn by MC Hammer in the early 90's.  I topped off my look with black patent leather oxford shoes and accessorized with a black wool hat.  Looking back, I completely understand why I was laughed at, but at the time, I thought this was the way to try to fit in.  Fortunately there is no image of this ensemble for your viewing pleasure.

On that very first day, we filed into that gymnasium for PE and were told to sit in a circle cross-legged to listen to instructions from the coach.  When we got up to leave, my shoes were GLUED to the floor.  The floor had recently been waxed and the faux patent leather on the tops of my shoes had made some sort of bond.  When I went to stand up, they made a loud peeling sound, leaving some of the shiny areas on the outer sides of my shoes on the gym floor.  Thankfully, I was the only one who noticed this at all, but after the snickers and laughs I'd seen pointed my way all day, I couldn't help but wish I could sink through the cracks in that wood floor.
That year was extremely turbulent.  One of the first few days of school in art class, a group of girls moved all the chairs into a corner and wouldn't allow me to sit down.  Even the teacher didn't locate a chair for me, but instead allowed me to stand for the duration of the class.
But the most affected I've become from that nightmare of a first year in middle school came in the lunchroom.  I was a typical, chubby, 12 year old girl.  I was starting the enter a phase where I was paying more attention to my looks and was very self conscious about my weight.  I stood in line, got my lunch tray, and was walking to a table when I tripped. My lunch went flying across the floor.  Embarrassed and pride smashed, but still hungry, I picked up my tray and returned it to it's place and got back in line, but as I reached the cashier, she told me I wasn't allowed to get another lunch since I'd dropped mine.  Someone close by heard her and yelled out "she doesn't need it anyway!"
This moment is etched into my brain like it happened yesterday.  After that day, I never stood in a lunch line again.  I chose to eat either a snack from the canteen or I didn't eat lunch at all.   In hindsight, it's not that terrible.  Kids are mean and cruel in middle school.  But being judged for what I put in my mouth is still an issue for me today.  I detest a buffet and eating in front of any large group of people causes me anxiety.  Do they think I'm putting too much on my plate?  I'm such a klutz, what if I spill it?  What if I have food all over my face and I don't notice?   How ridiculous, right?
I wish I could go back in time and give 6th grade me a giant hug and tell her how it will turn out.  That she would find friends and it all would be alright.  That middle school is basically the speed bump of life.  That there will come a time in your life when you won't need to fit in and look like everyone else.  That you'll develop your own style and care less what anyone thinks about it.  I'd then hand her a flat iron and throw out her Dep hair gel.
But you know what I also would do?  I'd go back in time and also tell myself to be kinder.  I think that first year hardened me a bit.  It made me jaded to social atmospheres and scared of social interaction.  By high school I had a group of friends, but I was only social with my specific group.  I had a hard time trusting people and chose to stay with my own group of friends (like most cliques do).  But I would have smiled more.  I would have tried to make others feel included and special.
To this day, I'm still a little socially awkward.  Big groups of people in a social setting is unnerving for me. On top of this, I have been stricken with one of the worst resting bitch faces you could ask for.
I am fully aware that I come across unapproachable and unhappy, but I'm usually just assessing where I can fit in and not feel awkward or judged.
As I walked through those gym doors on Monday night, it all came flooding back.  The feeling of exclusion and ridicule.  The fear and anxiety.  I'm 39 freaking years old and all the sudden, I felt 12 again.
Every night when I tuck B into bed, we have a few minutes where we talk about his day.  Sometimes I hear that one kid was mean to another kid, or this kid kicked another kid on accident.  The one thing I've tried to talk about even more lately is kindness.   It doesn't matter who is being mean.  It doesn't matter who is leaving you out.  It doesn't matter who doesn't look like you, or like the same things you do.  You never know what that person has going on at home or is battling on the inside.  Always, ALWAYS be the kind kid.