Thursday, November 29, 2018

Decking the Halls 2018

Wow!  I realized while writing this that I haven't posted about Christmas decor since 2013 (and now looking back on that tacky gold dining room I did that year, I know why) Things haven't changed a ton with regards to the living room. We still have the giant tree that has been cussed and yelled at since 2012 when we got it.  I came VERY close to listing it for sale on Facebook last week, but as much as I hated to move the large black sideboard into the dining room so that the tree could go in it's usual spot, that would have meant either A. buying a real tree (which would be dead in 2 weeks), or B. Having to find a new fake tree that I liked (which I really didn't feel like doing either.  And even though we fume and fuss over this giant beast every year, keeping it meant not spending more money and things actually worked out with the new furniture placement ....which I'll get to later in this post.
If you want to see prior year Christmas posts, click on the links below: 
(There wasn't  a post in 2010 because I was on maternity leave with a new baby boy) 
Ugh.  Typing that tugs at my heart! 

I haven't changed up the mantle in the last few years.  I still love my milk glass pedestal bowls with silver and gold balls.  One was my granny's and the other I bought at a local antique store.  It was in a window of an office and was piled with paperwork in it.  I remember walking back inside and asking them if they'd sell it to me and they just randomly came up with a price.  
I know I talk about my candles and lanterns a lot, but I just love them!!  The candles flicker like real candles and are battery operated.  If you follow me on Instagram you know how awesome I think these are.  They come in a set of 3 on Amazon.  They are remote controlled and come with 4 and 8 hour automatic shut off.  I loved them so much, I bought a second set.
For link for candles, click HERE.

Let me just share a little about my stacked cookie jar.  My brother likes to play this trick on me with the cookies.  He loves to eat cookies out of my cookie jar, but I see them as more of a vase filler than a grab and go.  I keep fresh ones in the pantry (which he knows), but he loves to either steal a few from the back side and see how many he can take before I notice, or he'll lift the lid and make a big clanging sound to see if my head whips around and I yell at him to 'put down the cookie!"  Sooner or later I'm going to resort to either gluing the lid shut or gluing the cookies together, I haven't decided which.

This wicker tray is sitting on the counter by the sink.  I love using cake stands to add some variety and height.  The mint julep cup was full of candy canes earlier this week, but a little boy decided to knock out a few, and the large glass dome ornament came from Tuesday Morning.  I thought it was precious and it's battery operated.

Glass lidded jar is from Target
Sand and Fog candle can be found at Marshalls, Homegoods and TJMaxx or Amazon
Small cake stand:  Target from last year
Look how cute this little guy is.  B loved this yesterday when he saw me putting it together.  I've had this Southern Living Hemingway Hurricane for years.  I added a little artificial snow from World Market and some bottle brush trees from Target 
The sweet little deer was an ornament I picked up from World Market.  If you're a World Market Rewards member you can opt to receive texts with coupons.  Yesterday the coupon was for a free ornament, so that cute little guy ended up being free.    
Another cake stand occupies the corner by the microwave.  Another bottle brush tree (Marshall's), one of my favorite candle scents, and a new deer I picked up last week from Marshall's as well.  

I have never been completely pleased with the decor in the foyer.  Previously, I had small, dark wood table that was just too weird in this space.  Over the summer, I went on a chalk paint rampage.  I painted a dresser, chest of drawers and this gray hallway table that was in our hallway downstairs.  I also painted over the chandelier painting that was in our dining room and hung it above this table. 
After we got the tree up Saturday and moved the sideboard, we decided to move this table and painting from downstairs to the upstairs hallway and I think it looks SO much better up here.   

Some fresh cut magnolia from the yard, gives this gray vignette some color and perfect for the holidays.  
I added this little grouping of sweet little ceramic houses ($3/ea.) I found in the dollar section at Target.  The tray is also from the Target dollar section ($5).  The bottom has a mirrored base.  I added some more bottle brush trees (all from Target) and some more of the artificial snow from World Market. The houses are lit with battery operated tealights. 
Here's the sideboard that formerly had a home in the living room where the tree is now.  I don't know why on earth I didn't think it would work on this wall, but once we moved it in here on this giant wall that had nothing on it, I realized how much I liked it so much better in the dining room anyway.  The wonderful news is that once the giant tree gets put away, this sideboard is staying where it is.  It's been moved back and forth from the dining room to the living room 4 times now.  FOUR!
If you remember my previous post about these chairs and my breakfast nook, scratch all that.  The round table that used to be in my breakfast nook with these chairs got on my nerves.  It just took up too much space and I missed my little conversation area right off my kitchen.  I sold the table to my mom and moved things back to where they used to be.  I'm really loving these chairs with new table though.  My next purchase for this room will be a rug and chairs for each end of the table.

The garland is just one piece I picked up last year from Hobby Lobby wrapped with some wired striped ribbon. The candle holders are from Target a few years back, and the black candles are Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target.  

Lastly, the final details.  Our wedding china, paired with Christmas bowls and some crisp white Potterybarn monogrammed napkins.

I noticed one thing that is now very high up on my list.  I need to update the house tour badly!  Once the holidays are over and things are put back into place, that will be my next goal!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
There is so much going on through the month of December, I find it hard to fit blogging onto my list of to do's, but as always, I'll be sharing throughout the season on Instagram.

Merry Christmas!!

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