Friday, May 31, 2013

Beckett Chatter

I've taken a small hiatus from blogging.  With so much going on (and if you read my post back in early April you'll know) that we've been a bit preoccupied.  However.....I can't help but feel like there are pieces I'm not documenting.  I have to keep asking Chad, "now what was it that Beckett said that was so funny last night?"  That's why today, I made a vow to get a post published so that I wouldn't forget!

As he hops into my lap one night after I'd been sad and had a bad day.... 
Beckett:  "Heeeeey, pretty girl....."  
(If you know my husband, you don't have to take more than one guess where he heard this.  I've been reminding Chad NOT to say, "Hey sexy" in front of Beckett since he's like a parrot these days) 
Climbs off of the toilet and stumbles while he's putting on his big boy underwear, but catches himself on the shower door... 
Beckett:  "Oh DAMMIT!" 
Me:  "WHAT did you say?" 
Beckett:  "I said oh dammit"  
Me:  We do NOT say that word
Beckett:  "I did not say oh dammit, mommy."   
(Chad walks in...) 
Beckett:  "I did NOT say oh dammit, daddy!"
And so the swearing begins....guess we all need to watch our mouths! 
I call the toilet a 'toilet', but Nonna calls it a 'commode' 
Beckett:  "I can climb onto the 'comm-oilet' all by myself!"  

Beckett:  "Mommy, can you buy me a ice cream truck?" 

Beckett:  " tell the BEST stories!" 
(I have no idea where that came from.  I think I had just hung up the phone with Lauren or Kayleen, Lord knows what we were discussing...)

I feel pretty safe that I get to ride around with a fireman everyday.  We never have a firehat far from us.  There's one just about every few feet in the house and he's obsessed!!!!  

To catch you up to speed with everything going on with us:  My poor old computer finally bit the dust a few weeks ago, so we finally got a new one!  THEN.....I couldn't find my photo editing software anywhere and I'm still at a loss where I may have put it.  In turn, I've edited none of the gazillion pictures I took at Easter and when Christy and Carson paid us a visit a few weeks ago.  Once I get something downloaded and can do a little editing, I'll have plenty of pictures to post.  

This summer is starting to already fill up and look busy, but I'll try to keep up with the blog as much as possible!!!  

Happy Weekend!