Thursday, April 19, 2012

Balancing Act.

Do you ever lie down at night and wonder where in the world your day has gone? 
I do. 
I've never felt so much like wanting to take time for myself as I do right now. 
We get up and go through the same schedule everyday and I've realized I try to cram 
so much into a 24 hour period, I'm bitter, grumpy and ungrateful. 
Some things need to take a backseat to the more important things in life. 
I'm not stopping blogging, but trying to balance a full-time job, being a mommy and 
having time for my husband and the rest of my family has become harder than ever. 
I'll still blog about all the things I've always blogged about but they may 
be sporatic and in spurts. 
I've always loved blogging, it keeps me sane, grounded and gives 
me a wonderful trail of the year; what we've done, how Beckett's grown. 
It's my creative outlet and a way to display and talk about all my passions. 
(Because there are many). 
I guess what I'm basically trying to say is that some days there will be posts and some days there won't. 
The last few weeks have been chock FULL!! 
I work at an accounting firm and getting through tax season 
this year was unbearably hard.  
Over the last 2 months Beckett's had the stomach virus, 
a double ear infection, hand foot and mouth disease, pinkeye and we all have fought sinus 
problems and for most of the week last week, I had no voice and topped off 
my weekend with chills and fever. 
I've never been so relieved to be able to wrap up a tax season than I was this year. 
Then......I heard about this book trilogy 50 Shades of Grey....
I've had my nose in a book for the last two weeks and have finally wrapped up 
the series.  (Although I can't comment too much on the book....ahem....if you've 
read it, you know what I mean.).  LOVED IT! 
I'm praying life will get back to normal for us now that it looks like we're all on the mend 
and I'm not up to my eyeballs at work in tax returns and phone calls.
It's good to be over the hump!  
Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zoo Time With Friends

Last weekend we took a quick trip to the zoo with some friends who were in town for a visit. 
We met there around 9:00 and I'm so glad we did because by 
the time we were ready to head out, it was getting packed! (Spring breakers!) 

They've always had giraffes but now they've built a ledge with an area to feed them.
Beckett wasn't afraid to give them a snack! 
Rae wasn't so sure about it, but she fed them too! 

I haven't seen the gorillas since this exhibit opened!
It's truly amazing to watch them stretch and move around. 

Cutie, Miss Rae! 
Tickle Monster! 
Trying to get them to hug eachother was a hoot.
Luckily, I took so many pictures, you almost get the video version.....

Assuming he's gonna get a kiss by the looks of that pucker....
She's moving in.....he's not so sure what she's up to...
Here it comes.....
Nope, just a hug! No kisses today. 
Such sweet new friends! 
My handsome man.
Growing up so very, very fast!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out and About - Carolina Pottery

Carolina Pottery is a great resource for outdoor furniture.  
They also have other nick nacks and doo-dads you may (or may not) need. 
Here's what they have in store. 
I'm a sucker for white and glossy.
These remind me of something you'd find at ZGallerie.
Shells are great for shadow boxes, adding a ribbon for a Christmas ornament,
vase fillers, and even gift wrapping.
Sometimes they get pricey.
$4.99 for a bag.
Need a white rooster or chicken? 
Take away all the randomness and clutter and you've got yourself a beautiful grey finished
patio set.  
Great jars!
$19.99 and $29.99
Driftwood leaf tray/platter/decor
I can't tell if I like this or I think it's tacky.
Loved these tables!!!
I think the larger size was around $75?

Wicker covered jars of all shapes and sizes
I like the middle black and white vase/jar
Evidently I'm the authority on garden stools
They had the cheapest white ones I've seen in town yet!

Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Music Monday Download

I was at a loss of what song to post today.  It's crazy around here.  I finally settled on a oldie.  A REALLY good oldie.
Otis Redding's Try A Little Tenderness.  

Happy Monday!