Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out and About - Carolina Pottery

Carolina Pottery is a great resource for outdoor furniture.  
They also have other nick nacks and doo-dads you may (or may not) need. 
Here's what they have in store. 
I'm a sucker for white and glossy.
These remind me of something you'd find at ZGallerie.
Shells are great for shadow boxes, adding a ribbon for a Christmas ornament,
vase fillers, and even gift wrapping.
Sometimes they get pricey.
$4.99 for a bag.
Need a white rooster or chicken? 
Take away all the randomness and clutter and you've got yourself a beautiful grey finished
patio set.  
Great jars!
$19.99 and $29.99
Driftwood leaf tray/platter/decor
I can't tell if I like this or I think it's tacky.
Loved these tables!!!
I think the larger size was around $75?

Wicker covered jars of all shapes and sizes
I like the middle black and white vase/jar
Evidently I'm the authority on garden stools
They had the cheapest white ones I've seen in town yet!

Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. I'm so jealous you have this place near you! $49 garden stools - amazing!