Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zoo Time With Friends

Last weekend we took a quick trip to the zoo with some friends who were in town for a visit. 
We met there around 9:00 and I'm so glad we did because by 
the time we were ready to head out, it was getting packed! (Spring breakers!) 

They've always had giraffes but now they've built a ledge with an area to feed them.
Beckett wasn't afraid to give them a snack! 
Rae wasn't so sure about it, but she fed them too! 

I haven't seen the gorillas since this exhibit opened!
It's truly amazing to watch them stretch and move around. 

Cutie, Miss Rae! 
Tickle Monster! 
Trying to get them to hug eachother was a hoot.
Luckily, I took so many pictures, you almost get the video version.....

Assuming he's gonna get a kiss by the looks of that pucker....
She's moving in.....he's not so sure what she's up to...
Here it comes.....
Nope, just a hug! No kisses today. 
Such sweet new friends! 
My handsome man.
Growing up so very, very fast!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hey! I'm curious, what kind of camera do you use, and do you use different lenses or just your kit lens?

    1. Hey Courtney, it's a Canon 60D and I usually use a 50mm when I'm taking pictures of Beckett. It's a fantastic portrait lens.
      This post may help you out if you're in the market:

    2. I have the Canon T1i, which I love. I've also got the same "nifty fifty" 1.8 lens that you have and I love it too. I got a Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens last year, but I honestly haven't used it that much. I got Photoshop Elements in December, installed it, then never used it! Ugh, I'm so bad about that! I looked it over and immediately felt overwhelmed and never tried it again.

      Thanks, I was curious what you use because I love your pictures!

    3. Get the Photoshop Elements book I mention in the post. It's fantastic and gives you step by step instructions for what you're looking to fix/edit. It makes things much less intimidating.