Friday, November 22, 2019

Amazon Gift Guide for Her

Happy Friday!!  I've had a hard time fitting in some time to rally up some gift guides, but hopefully, this won't be the last  Here are some of my favorites to add to your wish list or buy for a loved one or friend!
1.Bamboo Bath Caddy: If you're like me and love the occasional soak in the tub with a glass of wine and stay there until the water turns lukewarm and you're shriveled up like a prune, this is for you!  It expands to fit different size tubs, and even has feet that pop down and can be used as a tray.  

2.Rabbit Vertical Wine Opener:  I'm pretty sure I included this in my gift guide last year, but it's worth repeating.  EASIEST wine opener to use!  

3. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream: Funny name, amazing cream!  This bottle may be small, but a little goes a long way.  Smells SO amazing!   

4. Gold Triangle Studs: I recently started wearing small hoops and studs in my second hole again.  These are small and dainty and perfect for everyday. 

5. Mellanni White Sheets These are on my personal wish list this year.  Only $29 and over 63,000 rave reviews.  Need I say more?

6. Memory Foam Plush Slippers: These look like Uggs, but are so much cozier (and cheaper)!  The memory foam makes these even nicer! 

7. Ninja Foodie Deluxe:  There's no secret I love a pressure cooker.  We've used ours so often, it needed to be replaced, so I opted for this all in one.  It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker and air fryer.  It even dehydrates!  Ninja is known for quality, and this one is much better made than my last and worth every penny! (After the holidays I hope to have some new recipes to share!) 

8. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard:  Here's another from my own wish list.  I'm ashamed to admit I text with one finger.  I'm NOT ashamed to admit I can type at warp speed on a actual keyboard.  A bluetooth keyboard makes life insanely easier for me to post and email from my phone or ipad. I carried my last one around in my purse so much that some of the keys fell off.  This one is foldable and the case even turns into a stand!  

9. Air pod Skins: Have a hard time finding your airpods in your purse?  These are non skid and make locating them even easier!  They also come in a variety of color combos! 

That's all for now, but I hope to have some more gift guides up either on the blog or instagram stories soon!