Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belly Update

The end is drawing near!  We only have around 2 1/2 weeks until the due date and I've been tying up loose ends with basic needs for when we get home from the hospital! 
Beckett started to drop last weekend and made it VERY hard to move around for a few days!  Walking was so hard, I had to take baby steps.  Getting out of my chair at work was quite hysterical!  I literally look like a 90 year old. 
By Tuesday afternoon, Beck started to move back up.  I'm not a Dr. but I'm guessing that you can actually go backwards with progress....
Either way, I have a Dr. appointment today and I'm anxious to hear what the consensus is on his positioning! 
I've regained the ability to walk again but the downside is that he's back on my lungs and windpipe.  It makes it ridiculously hard to breathe, especially at night!  I constantly wake up heaving for air and have to reposition my big belly and THEN myself!  When he had dropped a bit, it was amazing how much easier it was to catch a breath and sleep!  THAT has now ended!  Last night I slept sitting up in the chair with 1,000 pillows around me!  Law and Order and I have become best friends! 
Last weekend we had a wonderful family shower and received so many great gifts!  Both of our families are so generous and wonderful!  I can't wait for Beckett to get here and be a part of our family!  He will never be starved for affection, that's for sure!
For now, we are taking it easy and waiting on Beckett to join us!  We can't wait!!!
Much love,

Friday, October 1, 2010

Belly Update

My doctors appointments have now become a part of weekly life for us.  Sunday will mark the 5 week countdown until the due date and we still have SO much to do.  I'm not a bit worried though, I have a team of friends and family who I know will be there if I need to make the call! 

Moving around has never been so hard!  I'm starting to feel more handicapped every day and just turning over in the bed or sitting up on the couch takes some extra help from Chad.
This week has been pretty tough.  During the day I feel pretty good but bedtime is a whole diffrerent story!  Even with thousands of pillows, nothing seems to work to keep me asleep after about 2:30 a.m.  Either the room isn't cool enough or my nose is stuffy or I'm in the bathroom for the umpteenth time!  Everyone keeps reminding me that this is just a warm up for when baby "B" arrives and I'm up all night with diaper changes and feedings. 
Poor Chad, everyone needs to say a little prayer that my poor husband doesn't freeze to death!  I've always been hot natured but this is insane!  I think I could heat up a room by just walking in I radiate so much body heat!   
Other than that, we are charging along, ready to meet sweet Beckett!  The weeks are starting to feel like days and every weekend we spend making lists and crossing things off!  The biggest surprise of this pregnancy is actually how quickly it has flown by!  I can't imagine the years to come watching my baby boy grow up.  I'm sure it will all go by in a flash if we don't stop to soak it all in! 
Much love,

The Nursery Diaries Chapter 2

There is still plenty to do and we are STILL waiting on the daybed to ship but at least the crib arrived and it's just as beautiful as I had hoped. 
 I really wanted a floor lamp for the room but didn't want to spend a lot on it.  The original floor lamp that I bought for the nursery looked so good in the coffee nook, I decided to go on another search for a floor lamp instead and leave the pretty white one in the kitchen. 
I got this lamp at Target for around $30 and glued ribbon to the edges to match the drapes and the light fixture.
This is the crib that took 2 months to arrive.  I love it even though I now despise the Restoration Hardware customer service department.  Mama painted the gold letters white and I hung them with command wall hanging strips.  The Potterybarnb Kids bumper and crib skirt were gifts from my mother-in-law and the beautiful quilt is a special gift from my Aunt Anita who spent loads of time working on it for my sweet little boy! 
I love the detail on this quilt.  The rope design around the monogram is so pretty. 
 She even stuck with the theme of the nursery and added this precious wave pattern!  I just adore anything handmade, especially made by the people that I love! 

 The small table is possibly temporary.  It was mine when I was little and had chairs to match.  It got a coat of paint and eventually, when Beckett is big enough to use it, I may paint the tabletop with chalkboard paint.
The cute fishies are from T.J. Maxx as well as the picture frame.
The books in the basket were mine.
The "P is for Palmetto" book and the duck and bear blankies are gifts from my mom.
The froggy rattle was a shower gift from Mrs. Beth and Ashley.
The glass buoy is from Southeastern Salvage.
Here is a better picture of the floor lamp. 
The Potterybarn Kids quilt on the chair is a gift from my mother-in-law
The rocking chair was my great grandmothers.
Katie & Chad