Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belly Update

The end is drawing near!  We only have around 2 1/2 weeks until the due date and I've been tying up loose ends with basic needs for when we get home from the hospital! 
Beckett started to drop last weekend and made it VERY hard to move around for a few days!  Walking was so hard, I had to take baby steps.  Getting out of my chair at work was quite hysterical!  I literally look like a 90 year old. 
By Tuesday afternoon, Beck started to move back up.  I'm not a Dr. but I'm guessing that you can actually go backwards with progress....
Either way, I have a Dr. appointment today and I'm anxious to hear what the consensus is on his positioning! 
I've regained the ability to walk again but the downside is that he's back on my lungs and windpipe.  It makes it ridiculously hard to breathe, especially at night!  I constantly wake up heaving for air and have to reposition my big belly and THEN myself!  When he had dropped a bit, it was amazing how much easier it was to catch a breath and sleep!  THAT has now ended!  Last night I slept sitting up in the chair with 1,000 pillows around me!  Law and Order and I have become best friends! 
Last weekend we had a wonderful family shower and received so many great gifts!  Both of our families are so generous and wonderful!  I can't wait for Beckett to get here and be a part of our family!  He will never be starved for affection, that's for sure!
For now, we are taking it easy and waiting on Beckett to join us!  We can't wait!!!
Much love,

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