Friday, December 20, 2013

Chalkboard Inspired Wrapping

I've seen this idea all over the place this year.  Chalkboard typography and printables are all the rage (and have been for a while), but I haven't been brave enough to paint a wall or a large surface in my home with chalkboard paint just yet.   I love the idea for Christmas wrapping.  All you need is some matte black wrapping paper (I ordered mine from Amazon), some white paint pens, and finally some inspiration for pictures, quotes an song lyrics.  You don't even need name tags because you can write the recipient's name right on the paper!!

Here are the ones I created for my family:  

I will say, it is a biiiiit time consuming, so I chose 4 family members that had gifts that could be wrapped in flat boxes.  My other gifts are wrapped in black and white houndstooth with black ribbon to match the black and white theme!

Merry Christmas and Happy Weekend all!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tidings from Target

After the news of the security breach this morning, I freaked a little.  Of all the places!!  I was pretty disappointed in my favorite retailer.....nevertheless, I'm still going to plug them in this post since I've checked my account and SO FAR I've seen nothing out of the ordinary.

Here's a little DIY I did from the Dollar aisle.  A-Z packs of metallic chipboard letters were $1/ea.  I also grabbed a spool of metallic bakers twine.  With two packs of letters and a spool of twine (and some hot glue) I was able to create the following:  (along with and extra "joy" garland on the shell tree I mentioned yesterday).

Picture frames were on sale in late November.
I was a little excited about my chalkboard inspired wrapping (post coming soon),
so I practiced with some white paint pens and black construction paper.
Temporary festive artwork for the bar until I get the perfect picture printed for the new frame.
I've been on the hunt for a nice boxwood wreath for a while.  If you've ever checked out boxwood wreath prices, you know they can get pretty expensive.   

This Smith & Hawken preserved boxwood retailed for $39, but with a Cartwheel discount and a $10 online coupon, I ended up paying around $24. 

 How festive are these 3D paper snowflakes?
The large snowflake was $8 and a pack of 2 smaller flakes were also $8.

They are packaged flat and close magnetically, so they can be reused and easily packed away. 
More to come soon!  

All That Glitters Is Gold

Here's a peek at the dining room Christmas decorations this year.  

I'm loving finding new ways to dress up these basic square plates every few months.
I already had everything I needed:  Black napkins, some burlap wired ribbon and some gold ornaments. 

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Starfish Kitchen Tree

Every year I try to add a few things to my Christmas decor.  Here's a small addition that was quick and easy. A small table top tree that I made shell ornaments from that I had on hand....some hot glue and ribbon turned my vase filler shells into ornaments!

The "JOY" garland was a DIY from the Target dollar aisle.  
(Metallic letters hot glued to metallic bakers twine)
The burlap skirt is remnants from my Halloween banner DIY.  

Previous Years: 

Merry Christmas!!  
Hopefully I can get some more decorations posted soon! 

Happy Wednesday. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sound The Alarm! Mr. B is 3!!

Beckett turned 3 in November and what better theme to go along with his obsession with firetrucks?  A fire-themed party, of course!!  It was a bit of a no-brainer this year.  

This year I did a great thing.  I handed off my camera to my cousin and let her snap away.  I got to enjoy the party without trying to make sure I got the perfect shots and she got a chance to practice her photog skills. Ashlyn, you're hired again next year! 
Click on the links below for past parties: 

My Aunt did his cake again this year!
I think so far, this one is my favorite.
The night before the party, my mom helped her decorate it.
And to think.....I can barely boil water and I have cooking talent in my family that can do this.
How did I not get this gene?
Since we sent out quite a few invitations this year compared to years' prior, we wanted to make sure we had plenty of cake on hand.  Here's the second cake she made! 
I always fret last minute that I haven't done enough decorating.  I don't know why, I just DO! 
I had some red, yellow and orange construction paper lying around, so the lamps got a quick update 
I was trying to come up with ways to DIY some sort of fake flames.  I kept imagining a fan, some crepe paper and a light.  Sometimes, Amazon can do it cheaper.  
The faux fire is a Halloween cauldron sitting atop a Hobby Lobby red plastic bucket (that can be recycled to hold the gazillion tiny toys he got for his birthday). 
(adhesive letters from the Hob Lob as well.) 
Foyer candy table 
Twizzlers:  'Fireman's Rope'
Tootsie Rolls:  'Stop, drop and roll"
Red and yellow sixlets and red gumballs.
"I fell into a burning ring of fire......"
Beckett's wreath from his first birthday, some yellow streamers (covering the foam base) and
yellow, red and orange tissue paper.
That song will be stuck in my head for the REST of the day.  
More fires to put out at the bar.  
Kids tables on the back porch.
They each got a fire hat along with a firetruck coloring page.  
Overflow seating on the downstairs porch.

Let the party begin!!
Beckett and his buddy Maggie.
How cute are they???
Daycare buddies Georgia Nell and Caroline
Caroline and Ethan making some masterpieces! 
Time for CAKE! 
He was so funny when they sat the cake in front of him.  I think he was expecting a cake with a firetruck on it, not a cake that looked like an actual firetruck.  He couldn't believe it was a cake!
Colorful flame candles.....that wouldn't light!
I think B likes his ice cream!
Beckett's buddy Ethan.  They were best buds at daycare last year!
Hagen came dressed for the occassion!
Love the 'Chief" shirt! 
Time for presents!
More firetrucks!!!
Now, outside for some yard fun!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my little fireman's big birthday!! 
He had tons of fun and got loads of great gifts. 
Again, we are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. 
Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

High 5!

Christmas came a little early last Saturday with Carolina's win over Clemson for the 5th year in a ROW! Being the enormous USC fan that my brother is, he asked me to get a pic of Beckett holding up 5 fingers and send it to him.  Being the eccentric, over the top person that I am, I broke out the USC helmet, Carolina shirt and the BIG camera.  Oh no....NO iphone photography for this one.  

Here's my little good luck charm: 

Happy Thursday and GOOOOOO Cocks!! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fair Fun!

I'm finally getting around to posting these pics from the fair from early October.  This year we had a fantastic time!  We met some friends at the fair this year so that Beckett could ride with his buddy Carson and they had SUCH a great time! 
Standing in line waiting for the jeeps, we ran into some daycare buds!  See that smile?  Yeah, me either. 
Much like his mommy, when he's excited or having a blast, you may never know it because he's too busy concentrating.  No wave or smile......he truly thought he was steering that jeep and he needed to keep his eyes straight ahead.  
Who can resist a pronto pup?

Carson, Jason, Chad and Beckett enjoying a merry-go-round ride
Carson the daredevil.  She wanted to ride EVERYTHING and wasn't scared of a thing! 
I was just like her when I was her age!

See what I mean?
She had a blast!  
Now, onto the motorcycles
Carson:  Obviously having a fantastic time 
Beckett:  Again, concentrating on his driving skills.

Bad to the bone Beckett. 

Happy Tuesday!