Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fair Fun!

I'm finally getting around to posting these pics from the fair from early October.  This year we had a fantastic time!  We met some friends at the fair this year so that Beckett could ride with his buddy Carson and they had SUCH a great time! 
Standing in line waiting for the jeeps, we ran into some daycare buds!  See that smile?  Yeah, me either. 
Much like his mommy, when he's excited or having a blast, you may never know it because he's too busy concentrating.  No wave or smile......he truly thought he was steering that jeep and he needed to keep his eyes straight ahead.  
Who can resist a pronto pup?

Carson, Jason, Chad and Beckett enjoying a merry-go-round ride
Carson the daredevil.  She wanted to ride EVERYTHING and wasn't scared of a thing! 
I was just like her when I was her age!

See what I mean?
She had a blast!  
Now, onto the motorcycles
Carson:  Obviously having a fantastic time 
Beckett:  Again, concentrating on his driving skills.

Bad to the bone Beckett. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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