Monday, December 3, 2018

Federal Mirror

A few years ago, my mom and I were shopping in her favorite thrift shop in Hilton Head.  I came across this wooden federal mirror with a gorgeous convex glass.  These had gained HUGE popularity (again) at the time. I had spotted them all over Pinterest, blogs and magazines.  This one was a good size, a nice wood frame and absolutely stunning!  I urged my mom to buy it and for only $40, even she couldn't pass it up.

Fast forward a few weeks.  She decides it needs a coat of gold paint (like the pictures of ones I'd shown her), she rimmed the inner band in black and hung it above her mantle.  It really was beautiful! forward a few years.  We buy a new king size bed.  Check.  We buy new blue and white bedding.  Check-check.  Now we have a new problemo.  The large painting my mom had painted that once hung above our bed is too large with the new tall headboard, so for the time being I moved the starburst convex mirror that lived at the landing at the top of the stairs to above our bed.

Former master bedroom

Convex mirror, convex mirror.  Blue and white, blue and white.  Now I'm starting to obsess over the fact that my mom possesses this stunning federal mirror that would look KILLER above my new bed.  I couldn't just steal hers away so I ordered one on etsy that I THOUGHT looked the same.  I also fudged the measurements, so when it came in, it was not only a fourth of the size of hers...but not wood...something like a heavy resin or plastic!  How I missed this in the listing is beyond me.  Now I was out $75 and stuck with a wannabe version of the more beautiful reproduction mirror that I REALLY wanted.

With a little bribing, I convinced her to trade mirrors.  She did it because she loves me so much....that and I begged and whined about how my blue and white bedroom was calling it's name.

Every time she walks through my bedroom she says how really beautiful is DOES look in my space, and I smile and think about how you really will give your kids anything they want if you have the means to.  Even if they take the wall decor right off your wall and replace it with crappier, chintzier version.
Thanks, mom!
Happy Monday!

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