Monday, December 17, 2018

Hula Hoop Wreath

I saw this idea on Instagram a few weeks ago and saved the post to come back to if I had time to do this before Christmas and lo and behold, we finally were at home most of the weekend and I could do a little DIY.  I loved how simple and elegant the ring wreath looked and who would have thought it's actually a hula hoop?  Saturday afternoon, Beckett and I were cleaning out old toys when I came across his old hula hoop and thought if MAYBE I could scrounge up enough remnants throughout the house, I could make one.  
I never realized that underneath the hoola hoops that are covered in holographic stickers is just a plastic black base.  It took a good bit of peeling, but finally I was left with a black hoop to use for the base.  I had Chad poke a hole on the backside to drain the water out of the hoop so that it wouldn't put strain on bottom end once it was hung.  

After rummaging through the attic, I came across a box of cheap wired garland I used outside a few years ago. I think I originally got it from Target  and it's $2.80 for 9'.  I tightly wound the garland around the hoop on one end, fluffing out the sprigs to look as full as possible.  Now I'm left with a base that I can easily slip other garland remnants into.
I remembered my front door wreath had green berries, so I snipped a few long strands off of it on the backside of the wreath without leaving a gap.

My tree in the bonus room is a faux tree that has tiny pinecones, so from the backside of the tree, I snipped a few branches off in an inconspicuous place.

It still needed something else, so I snipped a few faux magnolia leaves from the garland on my dining table. 

It needed a simple swag of ribbon.  I large wired bow would ruin the simplicity of it.  I was lucky enough to have found 2 pieces of leftover ribbon, I ironed out with my flat iron, and tucked it right in the middle to finish it off!

This whole project took 20 minutes tops.  I hung it with a command hook in my window and tada! 

No hot glue, not wiring!  And best of all, I didn't purchase one single item to do this!

Happy Monday!

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