Friday, February 15, 2019

Pressure Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast

I know quite a few people that have either bought or received pressure cookers recently.  As intimidating and scary as they may seem, once you get through the initial pressure test and make your first meal, you'll be hooked!  
I've had mine now going on 2 years and we've loved it, but once this one konks out, I may get an Instant Pot instead.  I would rather have a stainless steel inner pot, and the Power brand doesn't offer that as an option.  
This is the one I use, but the Instant Pot is fairly similar, so the cook times are most likely similar and they have some of the same features.

We have loved ours and I cook more often and it's so quick and easy!   

Mississippi Pot Roast 
I'm not kidding when I say we probably make this once a week.  I'm kind of burnt out on it, but Chad makes it for himself now it's so easy.

- 3 to 4 pound roast
- Pack of Ranch seasoning mix
- Pack of Au Jus seasoning mix
- 1/2 stick of butter (optional)
- 1/2 jar of peperoncinis (with the juice)

*Cut roast into cubes and add to your pot. 
Press the chicken/meat button and brown the meat until all sides are cooked.  (This takes about 8-10 minutes).

Place your lid on the pot and make sure it's secure (make sure you've followed instructions and have done your test run with water and make sure you know how to secure the lid correctly.

Select the Chicken/Meat button again, then press the 'cook time selector' button in the middle twice to move the time to 1 hour.

Once the pot has pressurized, you'll see the countdown timer start.
Once it's finished, make sure you have read all instructions on how to depressurize and remove the lid.

Shred and serve.

I love this recipe because you literally throw the items in the pot and turn it on.  There's really no effort involved.  For larger roasts, I sometimes have to add an additional 20 minutes for it to be tender enough to shred.  If yours isn't falling apart and you can't cut it with a fork, put the lid back on and add an additional 20 minutes.

I love the pressure cooker because it's a great substitute for a crock pot, but the food cooks in 1/4 time.  A roast like this could take 6-8 hours to cook in a crock pot, but in a little over an hour, you're done.

Here's a lineup of what we cook on a consistent basis and that I'll post more about soon:

-Chicken and noodles
-Vegetable beef soup
-Chicken tacos
-Cabbage and sausage
-Basic chicken to use on salads
-Taco soup
-Lasagna soup
-Ziti with meatballs
-Chicken bog
-Boiled peanuts
-Corn on the cob

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