Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Dining Room Redesign

It's no joke that renovating a space can be quite pricey.  That's why I can't ever do any one project all at once, it just isn't in my budget.  I usually go through phases when upgrading spaces or pieces.  I've definitely been in a phase of buying lately, but it didn't come all at once. Things just happened to fall into place and I found exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to start upgrading the dining room and it started with a table, chairs the same week, but months went by before I found a rug and just last week, the perfect chairs to finish off the majority of the room arrived.   

To break this down (aside from the light fixture that will be relocated eventually), all the upgrades I purchased totaled a little more than $1,500.
Here's a before shot of the room a few years prior. 
Here's a shot facing the same wall now.
The artwork is a piece my mom painted that I relocated from the hallway upstairs.
The frame reminds me of driftwood and is perfect with the new table and chairs.
It works so much better in this room and adds some much needed color with the neutral tones in the room.
The rustic reclaimed wood table was my first purchase.  It reminded me so much of ones like THESE from Restoration Hardware.... at almost 1/4 or more of the cost! 
The black sideboard from the before picture was relocated from the Great Room along with the lamps that occupied it.
I moved the mirror that once occupied the foyer above the sideboard.
The corner cabinet got a fresh coat of paint and hardware to brighten up the space.
For more about the corner cabinet redo, click HERE 
The rug was a perfect fit and color combo, AND on sale right after Christmas from Rugs USA
These tall slipcovered wing back host chairs were perfect and add some height to the room.
Plus, I love that they are slipcovered and can be removed to clean. 
Lastly, I topped it all off with a small brass art lamp to illuminate the marsh art my mom painted!
It tops off everything so well! 
Here's a breakdown with links included: *Salvaged Wood Table:  Southeastern Salvage $ 488.00
*X Back Dining Chairs : Tuesday Morning $200.00
*7'x9' Faded Tribal Rug:  Rugs USA   $137.00
*Rustoleum Charcoal Chalk Paint: Amazon $16.98
*Rustoleum Linen White Chalk Paint: Amazon  $16.98
*Art Lamp: Amazon $27.47
*Hainsworth Slipcovered Dining Chairs x2 : Wayfair $605.88
*Threshold Marble Knobs: Target $17.98                           

Grand Total: $1,510.29

Eventually I want to either relocate the chandelier light fixture, but for now, I'm giving my wallet a rest!

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