Tuesday, February 19, 2019

China Cabinet Chalk Paint Revamp

Painting this corner cabinet that belonged to my granny has been on my to-do list for a while.  It's dark finish didn't work very well in my dining room.  When it comes to projects like this, I tend to get overwhelmed.  What color?  Where should I paint it?  Should I put a tarp down in the dining room and have a mess or should I transfer it to the garage so I'm not so worried about getting things messed up in the house.
A few weeks ago, I decided on a color.  I thought going with a lighter shade would brighten up this corner and work better with the current decor.  I ultimately decided to paint the interior a dark charcoal color (which I already knew I liked since I painted 2 other pieces this color.  My china is white, so I knew I wanted a darker color on the back wall of the cabinet so that the china would stand out.
I ordered the paint, started taping the glass, but when it came time to actually begin painting, I became completely unmotivated.  It's not the actual painting that's the pain, it's the removal of hardware and taping off the inside and getting the cabinet moved onto a tarp that's irritating.  
Finally Thursday night, I threw in the towel and said, screw this, it's time to reclaim my dining room and get this thing done! 

I'm so pleased by how it turned out and I'm so glad I decided on a dark backdrop! 

Marble and brushed gold pulls from Target 
Here's the before.  I relocated some of my glassware to the bar cabinet, and added some more of the china.  

Much better!  
*Quick note:  I originally bought a smoked glaze to use as a top coat, but decided I didn't want it to look distressed, or antique, so I went with my original matte top coat I used on all my chalk paint projects.  However, once it dried, it made the white look dingy and antique, so I went back over with another coat of the linen white. 

All items used: 

I'm so excited to have this project done and marked off my list....however there are PLENTY more! 
Happy Tuesday! 

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