Friday, October 4, 2013

Parade of Homes

Chad and I have attended the Parade of Homes in Columbia for as long as I can remember.  It's always sort of been "our thing" and something we both enjoy!  I remember going long before we got married, long before we built our house, and long before we even thought about starting a family.  We'd talk about our likes and dislikes of each house and dream about one day being able to build our own.

The Parade took a little hiatus a few years ago due to the struggling economy.....right about the time we started the process of applying for a construction loan and at the EXACT time I needed construction and layout ideas.  Back then Pinterest didn't exist!!  

I hoped that one day we would be able to build, so I always brought along my camera. Thank goodness I did because some of those pictures I had taken of previous POHs were handed to my builder for his subcontractors.  Our mantle is actually an exact copy of one we saw at the parade a few years ago. 

One of the reasons we chose a house plan with a second story main floor was because we saw a similar layout at the Parade of Homes and we both fell in love with it.  Fast forward quite a few years later with a 3 year old in a house with LOTS of stairs, bedrooms that seem on the other end of the earth from eachother and a master bedroom and bath that definitely could have used some extra square footage......I might have thought better of it.  BUT, I can't complain.  I LOVE our house, but if you know know I'd give my eye teeth to one day be able to build again! 

Here are a few highlights of this years' Parade.  For more information on layouts, builder info and interior designer info on the 2013 Parade of Homes, visit these links below: 

I loved this exterior, Chad wasn't sold on it.....
This is when I realize how much I dropped the ball on the design of our bathroom.  
I should have somehow made SURE we had both a shower and a full tub.  

 Love the sitting area attached to the master and plenty of room at the foot of the bed for a bench. 
Here's something that we both thought was pretty clever.  
It's a small office right off the kitchen.  Not huge, but just big enough for a workspace for paying bills, etc. 
I loved the concept of having a workspace near the kitchen, which is why we built in the desk. 
But, in all reality, it is basically used as a catchall for paperwork and mail!  
It drives me crazy that every time we have guests, I end up stashing the piles of paperwork and mail in 
a drawer or cabinet to get them out of eyesight.  How nice would it be to just close the door and 
have it disappear?! 

 I'm sure the maintenance on this terrace/patio/yard is a major pain in the arse, but I love it! 

 Every home should have one of these built in.  End of story.  
We have a large tiled shower with a bench built in and we even have nook for toiletries like this one.
However, we should have made sure we installed 2 shower heads as well. 
Having one that is detachable helps majorly when cleaning!!  
 Loved this paint color!!  
 Cute details in a boys' nautical themed room. 
There are about a thousand things going on with that tablescape, but I loved the neutrals.
Love the fun pendants, the upholstered chairs at the head of the table and the high moulding.
Those two open doors opened up to a precious side patio with outdoor fireplace.
How great after a dinner party to just take a few steps and you're drinking a glass of wine al fresco.
I love quirky little details like that.  They could have easily put the the door right smack dab in the
middle of the wall, but the two smaller doors give it so much character.   
I love the feel of an indoor space.....outside.  
This table would look just as fab inside as it does out, and I love the collection of vases as a centerpiece instead of something you'd expect on a patio like a potted plant or lantern.
A few steps down and your'e dining outdoors. 

Ok, so now that I'm ready to build again, maybe I'll win the lottery!   

Happy Friday! 

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