Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where there's smoke.....

It's absolutely no secret that Beckett is STILL obsessed with firemen, firetrucks, firehouses, etc. etc. etc!  It was no surprise at all when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween when his response was "A FIREMAN!!"    
The annual daycare Halloween party was this past Saturday and before we left for the party, I tortured him with a photo shoot in the backyard. 

I love Halloween and I LOVE getting him dressed up! 
He was NOT going to be getting some plastic, cheap costume this year, oh NO!  

PotteryBarn Kids sold the same costume this well as Chasing Fireflies. 
But, hey, hey, did AMAZON!!  
Along with fire BOOTS!!  
I ordered this costume, mid-august!  And for the last 2 months, this little boy 
has gotten every penny out of what I spent on it!  He has a hook in his room (his height) 
so that he can hang the suit up at night and have it ready if there is an emergency! 
Getting him ready for Halloween this year was a cinch.  
Basically, all I had to do was tell him to "suit up!"  
He's had enough practice putting the suit on, he had on his pants, jacket, shoes 
and suspenders before I could even say "get in the car, it's an emergency!" 

Outside for a quick Halloween photoshoot 
Oh yeah, by the way, we have a new dog.  A dog that made it VERY hard to take a few 
pictures because she wanted to play! 

Giving some kisses!  

 I'm so glad I glanced at the pictures Chad took!  
This just shows the importance of where you need to stand when taking pictures to eliminate shadows! 

Puddin' (Beckett named her!) the firedog! 

 First attempt at trying to get a shot with mommy....the look on my face says it all....

 I eventually gave up trying to get him to look at the camera. 
He was too busy giving his firedog commands. 
 Oh how I love you my little fireman! 

 Even brave, BRAVE firemen kiss their mommies! 
 Annnnnnnd moment interrupted.....Puddin' wanted kisses too. 

MORE firedog kisses! 

He so so excited to get dressed up and show everyone his costume! 

Happy Halloween!!!
Sound the alarm!!  

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