Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend in Review

I love a good rainy, lazy, do-nothing weekend!  We've had so much going on lately, it's so nice to have some time to just veg around the house. Beckett's baffling us with his growing skills again.  I find my mouth dropping to the ground on a regular basis at something new he does or says.  It's awesome and scary all at the same time.
I walked into the laundry room to this on Saturday morning.
Chad let's B help him load the dryer.
He loves to help with anything.

He blows kisses on demand now too.
For a while, he would blow air out his nose (confused because we hold
a tissue to his nose and say 'blow' when he's got a runny nose)
He's got it figured out now though.
He puts his toys away when we ask him too.
I'm pretty sure this is only temporary though.  He loves putting items into baskets,
clothes into the dryer, etc.  Unfortunately, I know this is most likely just a phase.....I'm happily
enjoying it while it lasts though. 

He's getting to be such a big boy and becoming even more verbal every day.  He can repeat plenty
of things when you ask him to now and shakes his head 'no' and nods 'yes' to questions we ask.  
I was on the phone with Lauren recently and asked him to say "Anna" and he repeated it so clearly,
it baffled both of us!  He's also become very fond of the word "mine!"  I guess we need to add 
sharing to the lesson plan in the near future. 

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!  On to a new week......already??


  1. I love that personalized bin, may I ask where you got it?

  2. Love the blowing kisses picture! What an adorable guy :-)