Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Votive Motive

I have a candle hoarding problem. 
It's overtaking my laundry room cabinet.  
During Christmas this year I burned candles like crazy! 
These Root candles are my all time fave.  They ran out of them 
at Tuesday Morning a while back, but I still have a few stashed away. 
Not only do they smell fantastic, the glass votives they come in are pretty nice.  
This one had it's last hoorah, so I though I might clean it out and upcycle the
glass container. 
I read somewhere years ago, that if you put it in the freezer, candle wax
is easier to remove from the candle holder.
This really does work.
After it sat in the freezer for a few days, Chad finally asked me why he had to keep
moving a candle to get to his ice cream.....
With a little help from a butter knife, the wick and remainder of the wax popped right out!
(soy wax candles burn cleaner too, so that helps) 
I used a little Goof Off to help free the label and washed it out with some
dish detergent. 
Ta da!  
Clean as a whistle.
This votive has a new motive......brush holder in my bathroom! 


  1. great trick. I didn't know about the freezer trick. I've been putting mine in hot water until it softens to be removed. I'll have to try the freezer trick next time. Thanks

  2. I just came across your blog today and I love it! Actually, I've spent WAY more time than I should have reading your old posts. Baby Beckett is gorgeous. I spent a good part of my childhood in South Carolina. Love the pictures from Folly Beach!

  3. Love the make-up organization makeover! My bathroom is on my list to do (well, actually both are) too. Sadly, I don't have drawers in either one, and very little counter space, but I will figure something out!