Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snap Happy

Sunday afternoon, my friend Kayleen and I took a photography class.  I've been dying to take a
hands-on course and learn more about my camera settings and improve my photography.
Let's just say, I"m still not ready to shoot in manual mode, but at least I got a better idea of how each function works.
Most of the class, he walked us through each individual function (ISO, shutter speed, how to set your
white balance, aperture, etc. etc).  The very last bit of the class was devoted to composition and how to get great pictures.  This is always what I'm most interested in and I've even posted on what I've found to be helpful in a previous post.  He hit on many of the same things I've learned from reading other photography blogs and websites.
If you're not in the mood for a class, and want a quick understanding of ISOs, shutter speeds and aperture, play around with this handy dandy simulator I've included below from CameraSim.com
Slide the little nobbies back and forth and snap a quick picture to get an idea of how you can wander out of "FULL AUTO MODE" (gasp).

So, what do I shoot in?  Well, when Baby B was born I was obsessed with getting a nice blurry background and read a ton on aperture and bokeh, so I shot a lot in Aperture priority (AV mode), then I switched to Program mode for a while and then moved on to sports mode.  For the most part, this is where I stay.  I hate a flash and I love to fire off shot after shot, so I find that no matter what function I use, I end up going back on sports. Sports mode is for fast moving objects, right?  Why not a fast moving kid?

Next, I'd love to try out a photoshop class.  I've worked quite a bit in Photoshop Elements, but I'd love to learn more about layering and running actions.

Have any advice?  Any modes YOU like to shoot in? 

Happy Tuesday!

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