Friday, February 24, 2012

Toddler Survival Kit

You knew it was coming.  If you're in the dark about what I'm referring to, I recently shared some things I loved during pregnancy that made 9 long months go by smoothly, and last week, I shared what made life with a new baby even more rewarding!

Here's a list of what we are loving right now in toddlerdom!
Beckett loves animals.  Especially dogs and puppies. 
"Dog" by Matthew Van Fleet  is a favorite at our house. 
The tails wag, the noses are sticky; such a fun, rhyming read with 
plenty of touch and feel pages!
Kids Personalized Seating: Kids Personalized Chocolate Brown Nod Chair
We all love the Land of Nod children's personalized chair.
It's such a great size and easy to move anywhere in the house. 
I'm not kidding when I say he sits in it! 
Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle
He loves puzzles and loves fitting shapes into different slots. 
 The Melissa and Doug wooden farm chunky puzzle is his favorite. 
I LOVE the M&D brand! 
Most of the toys are wooden and retro, much like the toys I played with as a child. 

When the weebles get to the bottom of the slide, it plays a nice techo-sounding song! 
Mr. B loves his Weebles Treehouse Playset 

Britax Marathon 70 Cover Set
We made the switch to a big boy carseat MONTHS ago! 
He outgrew the infant carrier before I could blink.  
Britax has gotten some great reviews. 
 The Britax Marathon 70 car seat has a removable cover. 
Britax also has a line of Marathon covers that can be interchanged. 
He's STILL teething!!  
Earth's Best Teething Biscuits are sooooo great!  
He loves them! 
Little Nut Tree
Tired of goofy, irritating baby cds?
Try out Dan Zane and Friends Little Nut Tree .
Some friends of ours gave Beckett this cd for Christmas and I love it. 
Some songs remind me a bit of Jimmy Buffett, others sound bluesy and some  
even have a bit of a Bluegrass feel. 

Happy Weekend everyone!

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