Monday, February 27, 2012

Jewelry Jackpot

Get your keys, grab your wallet and get ready to head to Target, my friends!

I ran in Tar-jay Friday on my lunch break with the intentions of running 
straight to the baby supplies section, grabbing a pack of diapers and running back out.
The Piggly Wiggly right by my office sells them (I know-but the pig doesn't 
have all sorts of awesomeness under one roof like the Targ.)  

A force was pushing me into the accessories.....and lo and behold.....
Dana Kellin for Target jewelry on clearance!  
AHHHH-mazing jewerly marked down to almost free.  
Here's what I came home with (minus a necklace my mom liked that I gave to her) 
 Here are some detailed pics so you can see just how stunning this line is was
 (it will be gone soon, I'm sure) 
This is the long chain.
It reaches to about 2 inches above my belly button. 
Beautiful amber colored stones.
This would go so well with just about anything.
They also had some with a larger navy tinted stone.
Here's the price tag for the long chain
Was:  $39.99
Now:  $6.04!

(Nah AH!) 
This one is much daintier.
It's a great mid length necklace with 3 small gold chains. 
The stone is the same color as the long necklace.

Here's the price tag for the pendant
Was:  $19.99
Now:  $3.04
(drooling at this point in the middle of the jewelry section)
Holy geez!  How gorgeous are these?
Was:  24.99
Now:  $3.74
Are you kidding me?
Get in my BUGGY! 
Amethyst colored beads surrounding the gold circle
These are small and great for everyday. 
Was:  $16.99
Now:  $2.54

(Are you picking your jaw up off of the floor yet.....?)   
My co-worker's husband works for Target, and when I showed her all my goodies, 
she told me a little Target tidbit. 
Did you know what the tiny number in the top right corner of the 
clearance tag is? 
It's the discount percentage!!  
Those earrings were 85% percent off!
Ya learn something new everyday.


  1. Wow I may need to run to Target after work as I really want those navy earrings. What a bargain!

  2. Thanks, I'm off to Target!!!